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more information BiBiL -- Biblical Bibliography of Lausanne
Note: Open Source
BiBIL is a large bibliographic database covering works related to Biblical Studies and related fields, including ancient Near Eastern studies in general.  An advanced search allows searching by author, title, year, source, keyword, biblical reference, and Greek or Hebrew terms. The search interface is available in English, French, and German.
more information Bible Web App
Developed by Digital Bible Society, the Bible Web App offers researchers the opportunity to view parallel versions of the Bible in English with  Greek  (Tisch) and Hebrew (WLC), including parsings, morphology, and lemma. While not nearly as powerful as desktop software for Greek study, this free tool can be useful.
more information BILDI -- Documentation for Biblical Literature, Innsbruck
Note: Open Access
A bibliography of biblical and biblical-archaeological literature, covering articles, collected works, and monographs. Coverage for some of its 540 periodicals begins in 1985.
more information Restricted Resource Some full text availableBlack Sacred Music archive
Note: Access: current students, faculty, staff, on campus visitors
Published from 1987 to 1995, Black Sacred Music sought to establish theomusicology—a theologically informed musicology—as a distinct discipline, incorporating methods from anthropology, sociology, psychology, and philosophy to examine the full range of black sacred music. Topics included black secular music, the early days of rap, soul, jazz, civil rights songs, the religious music of Africa and the African diaspora, spirituals, gospel music, and the music of the black church.
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