Research Guidelines for Archives

  1. Hours of research are Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Arrangements for viewing materials must be made in advance. Children may not accompany patrons while patrons are doing research.
  2. Patrons are permitted to bring pencils, loose leaf paper, and laptops in the research room. Patrons are prohibited form bringing original documents from home into the research area of the library.
  3. Pens, coats, jackets, spiral notebooks, tablets, folders, cases, containers (of any kind), bags, "fanny packs," backpacks, and/or purses are prohibited. A secure area the size of a standard backpack is provided to store your personal items while doing research. The library is not responsible for your belongings.
  4. The use of laptops is permitted; all laptops must be taken out of their respective cases to be taken into the research area. With permission of the librarian or archivist, still photography (cameras and cell phones) may be allowed. No flash may be used with cameras. All other electronics or recording devices are prohibited at all times.
  5. Scanning or photocopying of any documents is to be performed by library staff. Charges begin at $7, per day, for the first 10 scans/photocopies and $.20 thereafter.
  6. No smoking, eating, or drinking is permitted in the research area.
  7. When handling original archival documents, patrons are required to have thoroughly washed and dried their hands.
  8. Handle all archival materials with care. Only pencils may be used to take notes. Do not make notes on or write on top of original documents. Do not erase anything. No tracings or rubbings are permitted.
  9. Open and view documents from one folder of a box at a time. Leave documents arranged in their folder in exactly the same older as found.
  10. Researchers should respect the rights of others and keep noise to a minimum.
  11. Researchers should keep research materials nearby and remain in their own area. Archival materials should not be left unattended. When taking a break, please return materials to the Archivist or the front desk.
Any questions on policy should be referred to the Archivist or the appropriate library representative. All decisions regarding the reproduction and handlings of archival materials are at the discretion of the Archives and Library Staff. All their decisions are final and are subject to change without notice.

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