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Manuscripts Collections
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Manuscripts Collection

Full descriptive inventories for large collections of personal papers and faculty papers. Finding aids are available to researchers.

Bound Manuscripts Collection

Alphabetical listing of bound manuscripts documenting the activities of individuals, organizations, places, and various topics.

Private Parish Registers

Alphabetical listing of bound private parish registers from pastors who served Lutheran churches in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.  

Vertical File Manuscripts

Alphabetical listing of single folder manuscript collections and reference material that includes records documenting the activities of individuals, organizations, places, and various topics.

Other Organizations Manuscripts

Full descriptive inventories for large collections of papers documenting activities of organizations, groups, and various topics. Finding aids are available to researchers.
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Please make an apointment before visiting. We are only occasionally able to accommodate walk-in requests.

Evan Boyd, Library Director and Archivist
Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg Collection
Official Seminary documents, including those of the Board of Directors, Faculty, Administration, and Student Organizations
Faculty Records
Faculty Minutes
  1. November 5, 1832‑1846 
  2. 1863‑1894
  3. 1894‑1903
  4. 1904‑1926
  5. 1926- present
Faculty Colloquy
Faculty Handbooks, 1999, 2002, 2011, 2015
Staff Policies Handbook
Faculty Memos, 1991-1997.
Faculty Organization
Faculty Position Statement on the Objectives and Program of Theological Education (Gettysburg & Philadelphia), 1967

Faculty Publications List
Faculty Resolution, Valentine. See Resolution of the Faculty Faculty Retreat, 1979
Faculty Reviews
Faculty Search
Faculty and staff
Adjunct/visiting professors
Dean/Dean search
Events and Photos
Memos and announcements
Organization & Home Addresses
Staff Policies Handbook (current Policies Handbook-2000)
Faculty and Staff Records
Student Organizations, Publications, and Events
Student Activities

Student Association
Minutes, 1949‑1969. (See Athenaeum for earlier years)
Publications Committee
Policies & Guidelines, 1970‑71 Statements

Student‑Faculty Relations Committee
Memos, 1997- Minutes, 1957‑1972
Evaluation notebook

Student Fellowship Fund campaign, 1919
Student Financial Aid Handbook 2001-2002
Student Guide to Life on Campus 2004

Student Handbooks

Student Information Project. See Association of Theological Schools (ATS)& Student Surveys

Student Memory Book, 1997

Student Publications/Student Newspapers
  1. Chapel Door, 2000, 2002-2006
  2. Fides Quaerens, 1981
  3. Gettysburg Nooseletter, 1964-1965, 1975
  4. Halo, 1948
  5. Kethovim, 1970-1971
  6. Lash, 1963
  7. Laudamus, 1980‑81
  8. LTSG Daily Bulletin, 1979
  9. Seminarian Quarterly, 1965
  10. Senior Newsletter, 1998
  11. Spontaneity, 1968
  12. Student Association News, 2005-2006
  13. Table Talk, 1964‑1980, 1982-1998
  14. Theolog, 1949‑65
  15. Theolog II, 1975
  16. Under the Table Talk, 1977
  17. Ye Olde Apple Core, 1972

Student Reunions
  1. Class of 1940, 50th Reunion (includes photo from 1940 and 1990 and letters from members)(Anniversary Book)
  2. Class of 1944, Letter & 4 photos from Robert G. Sander 2 audio‑cassette tapes (See AV Suppl. List) Dinner, Sept. 18, 1974 (conversation at dinner) Reminiscences and A.R. Wentz
  3. Class of 1977, 15th Class Year Anniversary Booklet

Student Rosters
1962-1963 through 1973-1974 (Box 1)
1975-1976 through 1999-2000
Statistics from Registrar (Box 2)
2000- (envelope)

Student Surveys
Graduate Questionnaire, 1970
Responses to Student Survey, 2000 (4c.)
ntering Student Questionnaire, 2004-2005 (3 separate reports)
Graduating Student Questionnaire, 2003-2004 (2 separate reports)
Graduating Student Questionnaire, 2004-2005 (3 separate reports) See also ATS

Chancel Players, General Info., Student rules, WOTS (Box)

Class Composite Photographs (2 Kodak boxes on top of file cabinets)
Box 1 1981 (2 copies)
1982 (4 copies)
1983, 1984 Box 2 1985 (13 copies)
1986 (2 copies)

Class Pictures 

Senior Class Presidents' Notes
1986, 1987 & earlier, 1989-1997

Student Attendees (did not graduate)

Yearbook of the Hill, 1945
Seminary Publications
Gettysburg Theological Seminary Newsletter (becomes Seminary Views in 1995)

Seminary Views (formally Gettysburg Theological Seminary Newsletter)

For student publications, please view Students Record Group
Library Office and Directors' Files
Accession List book,
Accounts, manuscript acquisitions, dedication, misc. (box)
Sealantic Fund Addition

Library Borrowers record
faculty, 1864‑1890

Bulletin: "Words for the Wise", 1995- Catalogue (ms.)
Library Dedication (film)
Grant Project for Boxed Manuscripts 1995 (2 envelopes)
Library committee ‑ papers
Library course: Some reference materials; Theological Bibliography
Library Fund accounts
Library guide (1995-
Library papers ‑ D. Matthews
Minutes of Synodical Minutes ... to 1962
Bonnie VanDelinder, librarian, 2003
Moravian Tiles
Library Outdated procedures
Report of Librarian, 1992/93-
Report of ATLA Visitation Team, 1967
Reserve Lists. See Curriculum.
Bibliographies, Syllabi, Library Reserve Lists
Scholars Choice
EPTLA project
Administrative Archives
Academic Affairs Committee, 1993-1994; Report of Registrar, 1982 & 1985, 1992
Academic Policies Committee (APC)
1 loose-leaf notebook, 1964-1969
            2 boxes 1969-1995
Administrative Staff

Advancement, Estates Gifts (cab. #4)

Advancement, Campaign (1980s to early 2000) (cab. #4)

Business Office Records (Box)

Committee Reports (mostly Board of Directors) (1829-1971) (Box)

Deeds, Charters, etc., and Papers Pertaining Thereto
Division I & II
      AAL Grant, 1977
Division III
          1964-1980, 1990

Miscellaneous Correspondence 1964 & 1965

      Presidential Search
      Presidential Candidate
      Presidential Evaluation Committee Report

Scholarship Information from Registrar’s Office, 1966-1997
Scholarship Information from Nancy Gable, 1964-1991
Abdel Ross Wentz Prize in American Lutheran History
Academic Convocation. See Services.
Academic Garb
Academy of Preachers
        Preaching Days
Adams County Academy (Original Home of the Seminary, 1826‑1832)
        Interview with Harold Reuning, owner, Feb. 15, 1982
          1 audio‑cassette, with partial transcript
Address to the Board of Directors by Vincent Cushing, Sept. 16, 1988
        2 videotapes. See Videotape List
Addresses, Commencement. See Services
Admissions (computer Disks for Interactive Admissions Brochure)
Administration Building.  See Buildings. Valentine Hall
Advent Devotionals. See Development
Alleman, Herman C.
       Tribute to, by Alumni Association, May 7, 1953 (carbon copy)
       See Alumni/ae Council
Alumni Association. Banquets, 1966, 1967
                     Constitution and Miscellany
                     Minutes, 1844‑1881
                     Minutes, 1884‑1935
                     Minutes, 1936-1966
   Executive Committee Minutes, Oct. 1964-Sept. 1971
                     Financial Records, 1926‑1963
                     Papers, 1959‑1967
Alumni, Correspondence to, Oct. 1964-June 1976
Alumni/ae Council (begun May 27, 1976)
 Minutes, 1977-1992, 1998-
             Miscellaneous, 1991 and 1992
             Study on Continuing Existence of Seminary, 1975
             Tribute to Herman C. Alleman, May 7, 1953
American Cusanus Society
Anniversary, 175th
Annuities (box)
Arthur Carl Piepkorn Memorial Lecture. See Continuing Education
        See also AV Suppl.
Arthur L. Larson Stewardship Council
        See also  Continuing Education and AV Suppl.
Arts. See Fine Arts Council
Association of Theological Schools (ATS).
      1990 Report with working information
      Student Information Project (1996-2002)
      2000 Report
      Response to 2000 Report with notes
       See also  Middle States Association; Self-evaluation Study; Self-
       study; Student Surveys
       Questionnaire:  Entering Students--ELCA Profile: 2003/04-2012/13
                              Entering Students--LTSG Profile: 2003/04-2012/13
                              Entering Students--ATS Student Information Project: 
                                          2003/04-2011/12, 2014/15
                              Graduating Students--ELCA Profile: 2003/04-2012/13, 2014/15
                              Graduating Students--LTSG Profile: 2003/04-2012/13, 2014/15
                              Graduating Students--ATS Student Information Project: 2004/05-2011/12
Athenaeum. Minutes, 1863‑79, with constitution
            Minutes, 1879‑1898
               See also Croll, Philip Columbus (Boxed Manuscripts List)
            Minutes, 1898‑1912. (Includes Missionary Society Minutes, 1886‑?)
            Minutes, 1912‑1925
            Minutes, 1914 and miscellany (See Student Association for later years)
            Roll‑call Book, 1915‑18
            Treasurer's Book, 1863‑1884
            Treasurer's Book, 1918‑31/32
ATS. See  Association of Theological Schools (ATS)
Auxiliary.  Book of Charter Members
            Handbook of the President
            Historical Material, 1953‑55
            Minutes, Reports, Receipts, Misc. papers ‑ 2 vol.
            Minutes, 1954‑1973                     .
            Executive Committee Minutes, 1954‑1973 .
            Programs of meetings                     .   Box
            Samples of publicity                     .
            "Grapevine" publication                 .
            Various reports                        .
            Papers, unsorted ‑ 3 boxes
            See also AV Suppl.
Battle of Gettysburg See  Fiftieth Anniversary…
Battle of Gettysburg, The – Gettysburg Seminary, That is (A paper for the
consideration of the Lutheran Historical Conference meeting October
2006) by Luther A. Gotwald, Jr.
Baughman, Harry F. See Lectureships. Zimmerman
                         Services. Matriculation
"Beginnings," 1974, 15-minute color motion picture about Seminary life
                        1 good copy; also 3 damaged copies.  See Development (Box) (on top of filing drawers)
Bengt Hoffman Fund for the Nurture of Spirituality
Bertha Paulssen Award. See Paulssen, Bertha
Bible Society of Pennsylvania College and Gettysburg Seminary
            Executive Board Minutes, 1839‑55
            Minutes, 1839‑54
            Minutes, 1855‑1907
            Treasurer's Book
Bibliography of Samuel Simon Schmucker Holdings in A. R. Wentz Library. See   Library
Biography of a House (readings interwoven as a history)
        See also AV Suppl.
Bishop‑in‑Residence Program. See also Donald R. Heiges ...
Black History Week
Bookstore. (envelope)
Brochure, Interactive Admissions See  Admissions
Buildings. Chapel.   Abide in the Presence (book)
                     Altar Prayers
                     Altar Service Book
                     "Chapel on Seminary Hill" by A.R. Wentz (box)
                     Construction contracts (box)
                     Construction, 1940‑42. Items in cornerstone. (box)
                     Corporate Worship. See Buildings. Chapel. Worship
                     Description, stained glass windows, picture reprints
                     Guest books
                     Epistles and gospels
                     “Footnotes on the Building of the Seminary Chapel” by Abdel Ross Wentz, 1968
                     Photographs of Chapel by Lois Eriksson
                     Record of use of hymns in daily services, 1947‑57
                     Service hymnals
                     Services ‑ 3 vol.
                         Sept. 1942‑May 1943
                         Sept.‑Dec. 1943
                         Jan.‑May 1944
                     Tour Guide Booklet of the Church of the Abiding Presence
 (see  Worship)
                         Chaplaincy Services (Counseling)
                         Corporate Worship (Schedules & Assignments)         
                         Sabbath House at LTSG
                         Sermons at Chapel
                         Special Services
                         Tour Guide Booklet 2003, 2006
 Worship Committee Minutes & Correspondence
            Conference rooms‑‑diagrams and seating capacity
            Dormitory rooms
            Krauth House
            *Krauth House framed insurance policy, 1895 - being displayed in
Krauth House – listed as Fine Arts by Valentine per John
Spangler 7/24/2007
            Leaded Glass Windows, 1941-1954 Correspondence
    Addition -- papers
                Moravian Tiles
            *Schmucker House framed insurance policy, 1895
            Site & Space Study
            Student housing, 1974
            Valentine Hall (1893-1895)
                  Cornerstone (1894 & 2002)
Photograph (The Heavens Are Telling) of top of Valentine Chapel, taken by George Emery Mendenhall (1938 graduate)
(3 copies)
                  Renovation (1999-2000) (See also  Anniversary, 175th)
Calendars and schedules (misc.), 1990‑
Call Process. See Candidacy in the ELCA
                   From Seminary to Parish in ELCA
Candidacy in the ELCA 1987 (Includes 2 resume packets)
Candidacy Manual 2000
Capital Hill Lecture Series. See Lectureships.
"Case‑study of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg with special
        reference to the problem of merger, 1959‑69" by J. Russell Hale.
Casino in Gettysburg and the Seminary
Celebrations. See Special Events and individual name
Centennial Celebration
           Guestbook (1926)
Centennial Scrapbook (oversize: on top of bookcase)
Certification papers in S. S. Schmucker's handwriting
Challenges. See Town and Country Church Institute
Chapel. See Buildings. Chapel
Chapel Door, The. See  Student Publications
Chaplaincy Services (Counseling). See Buildings. Chapel. Worship
Chapter in the Gettysburg Saga, 1962‑76, by Donald R. Heiges (4 copies)
Childcare Center
Choir, Seminary (box)
Choir, Seminary (2 records 33 1/3 RPM – Years undetermined) (maybe 1960 – 1963)
Christ Lutheran Church
* Located on top of 3 black cabinets in office.
Christian education curriculum. See Curriculum. Unpublished course materials
Church Management Education for the LTSG (2 copies)
Church of the Abiding Presence. See Buildings. Chapel
Civil War. See  Fiftieth Anniversary…
Class Photos. See Students. Class Composites & Class Pictures
"Climate is created within Seminaries which supports the acceptance of women theological students, A”
                        or “A History of Women at Gettysburg" by Gretchen Cranz (January term project, 1973)
Colwell, Ernest Cadman. See  Lectureships. Zimmerman
Colloquium.   See Martin Luther Colloquium
Commencement. See Services
Commission of 18 on Lutheran Theological Education in the Northeast
Commission on Higher Education. Middle States Association. See Middle States
Commission on the Comprehensive Study of the Doctrine of the Ministry
Communications, Office of (Director John Spangler)
      Memos (Spangler & Reimers)
      Seminary on Wheels
      Website News
      See also Publicity; Development
Comprehensive I Committee
Conference on the Practical Field in Theological Education (1948). See Field Education
Consortium Bulletin, The. See Washington Consortium. Consortium Bulletin, The
Constitution of the Seminary (Box)
       (German)   1826
(English)   1826
                  1867 with 1887 Charter
                  1926 with 1928 & 1934 Amendments
                  1978 Working Paper
Consultation of the Seminary and its supporting synods, 1970 (envelope)
Continuing Education
        Annual Symposium on Politics and Ethics. See Washington Theological
        Arthur Carl Piepkorn Memorial Lecture
        Continuing Education Events (Brochures)
        Doctor of Ministry Program. See Doctor of Ministry Program
  Martin Luther King, Jr., Convocation. See also AV Suppl.
        Master of Sacred Theology and Continuing Education
        Misc. papers and programs
        Pastors' Institute
        Preaching Perspectives: Engaging Word and World
        Reading Guide 1967
        Region 8 Continuing Education Events
       STM. See Continuing Education, master of Sacred Tehology…
Conversations @ the Crossroads.
Cope, depicting Mary and Jesus ‑ explanation and description
Cornerstone. See Buildings. Chapel. Constructon
                   Buildings. Valentine Hall
Corporate Worship. See  Buildings. Chapel. Worship
Counsel for Theological Education in the Northeast. See CLTEN
Counseling. See Buildings. Chapel. Worship. Chaplaincy Services
CPE. See Field Education.
Cranz, Gretchen. See "A Climate is created ..."
  Unapproved Thesis. George R. Long
        Unbound lectures by Klaus Thomas 1838-1840
        Unpublished course materials. “The Pastor and Educational Use of the
              Bible” by Ralph Heim (another copy in Boxed Manuscripts in his papers)
        Course schedules
        Bibliographies, Syllabi, Library Reserve Lists
        Curriculum Review/Reform
        Degree Programs
        Miscellaneous curriculum materials
        Multi-Cultural Concerns Program
       Introduction to Homiletics
           Spring 1995. Thulin and Hedahl VR
           Spring 1996. Stuempfle and Hedahl VR
       Miscellaneous course notes and bibliographies, etc.
       Pre-Seminary Studies (c. 1940-41)
Cusanus Society. See American Cusanus Society
Daily Redactor
Dean/Dean Search. See Faculty & Staff
Dedications. See Special Events; and individual event
Development. See also Advancement; Fincances
Development. See also Publicity; Communications
Development: Plan for the 1990's
Development (Box)
        Cut of A. R. Wentz Library ‑ plate mounted on wood block
        Films (16 mm.)
          Library Dedication
          Luther Statue Dedication
  Personal Shots (H.H. Schmidt)
          1 unidentified
        Negatives ‑ unidentified
        Papers ‑ list for slide set 1, script for set 3
        Slides, from the 1960's and earlier
Development (Box)
      Photographs -- 1970s to 1990s? -- partially identified
Diaconal Ministry Formation Event 1995-2005   
Diaconal Ministry Information
Dinners. See Special Events
Directed Reading Guides
Directory, 2000- . See Board of Directors. Agendas
Division for Professional Leadership (DPL)
Doctor of Ministry Program
Doctor of Ministry Manual, 1977 (4 copies)
Donald R. Heiges Bishop‑in‑Residence Program
Eastern Cluster of Lutheran Seminaries
Eastern Penna. Seminary Committee. Report
Ecumenical Theological Education
Elkin, Kenneth. See Observation on Gettysburg ...
Employee Hanmdbook, 2011
"Enduring Saga Continues, An," by Dave Wasemann ‑ 1 videotape. See Videotape List
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. See Sex Discrimination Claim
Evaluation Study of the Seminaries (ULCA) ‑ Gettysburg, 1959
Evaluations, reports
Event Schedule.   See   Calendars and schedules
Exchange Students. See Fellowship for Overseas Students
Fahnestock, Jeffrey. See  Music, Gettysburg! (Cassette tape) (See  AV Supp. List)
Falckner, Justus, 1703, ordination document (Xeroxed copy—framed; located on wall in office behind
     small archives office.)    Original in vault
Feasibility Study, LTS, Washington, D.C. ‑ 1969
Fellowship for Overseas Students
Field Education
 Assignments (Box)
            Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
               Information about CPE 1954-1979
            Field Education, 1973-1978
               Information about Field Education 1993
            Teaching Parish     
            Task Force
       Conference on the Practical Field in Theological Education 1948
   (2 copies)
       Eastern Cluster of Lutheran Seminaries
       Intern Committee Manual, 1996-1997
       Internship Manual, 1996-1997
       Manual for Internship, 1969, 1977, 1986
       Report, 1968
       "Round Robin"
Fifteen Years After the Ordination of Women in the LCA. See Women in Ministry
Fiftieth Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, 1913. Contains guest book
      with signatures of those who lodged in Old Dorm and a faculty report
      on the use of the dorm.
Fine Arts Council. Exhibits
Folkemer, Lawrence D., Capital Hill Lecture Series. See Lectureships
Forness, Norman O., editor, “The Papers of the Schmucker bicentennial.” See Schmucker, S. S. Bicentennial
      (1999) Celebration
Friends of the Seminary. Papers, 1946‑50, and misc.
                         Coordinator training manual
                         50 years of support: History ...
                                              Appendices ...
From Seminary to Parish in the ELCA, 1987 & 1988
Fund for Nurture of Spirituality. See Bengt Hoffman ...
Future of the Seminary (Gettysburg and Philadelphia) (1971)
Galbraith, Nancy. See Music Gettysburg
Germany, trips to and from (sponsored through the Seminary)
Gettysburg Academy. See Adams County Academy
Gettysburg Associates. See Heiges, Donald R.
Gettysburg Lutheran Partners in Ministry
Gettysburg Seminary. Faculty Position Statement, 1967. See Faculty Position Statement ...
Gettysburg Seminary. Future. See Future of the Seminary
Gettysburg Seminary's Role in a Defining Event in American History by  Frederick K. Wentz.
Gettysburg Summer Assembly. See Lutheran Summer Assembly
Gettysburg's contribution to the Shaping of the American Church by Wolf
Gobbel, A. Roger. See On the Glorious Hill ...
                        Voice of the Christian Century
Gottwald, Luther A., Jr.
      See The Battle of Gettysburg – Gettysburg Seminary, That Is.
     Selected Actions Affecting the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg Showing Actions by
                 Parties Involved
     Skirmishes in the Perennial Battle for Gettysburg
     History of the Northern Somerset County Lutheran Cluster
Grade Book, 1911‑26. See Record of Absences
Graduate Questionnaire, 1970. See  Student Surveys; ATS
Graduation. See  Services. Commencement
Gritsch, Eric. See  Infant Communion ...
Hale, J. Russell. See   “Case‑study of ...”
                        “Report of Summer Research”
                  “Unchurched, The”
Handbook. See Faculty Handbook ...; Student Handbook; Employee Handbook
Happenings on the Hill
Heiges, Donald R. Let’s Save Our Seminary: The 1975 Address to the Gettysburg Associates
Memorial Scrapbook on Retirement (4/17/1974)
                  See also Chapter in the Gettysburg Saga
                           Donald R. Heiges Bishop‑in‑Residence Program
                           (Filing cabinets in Archives Office)
                           Talk on vocations
Heim, Ralph. See Curriculum. Unpublished course materials
Hein-Fry Lecture Series
Hildebrand, Edgar. See Missions
Historic Preservation Foundation. See Seminary Ridge ...
Historic Structures Report. See Seminary Ridge Hist. Preservation Foundation
History of Women at Gettysburg Seminary. See "Climate is created ..."
Hoffman, Bengt, Fund for Nurture of Spirituality. See Bengt Hoffman ...
Homilectics. See Curriculum
Horn, Henry E., Swope Lecture on Liturgies, 1966. See Lectureships
Infant Communion, a study document by Eric Gritsch
Institute for Luther Studies
      Includes Martin Luther Colloquium
International Seminar on Pre-Reformation Studies. See American Cusanus Society
International Student Program. See Fellowship for Overseas Students
International Studies. See Communications
Inter Nos. See President’s Memos
Internship. See Field Education
Jenson Convocation. See  Audiovisual List
Jeremiah Zimmerman Lectureship on Effective Preaching. See Lectureships.    Zimmerman
Jubilate! 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980
      See also AV Suppl.
Killer Angels.
      Papers relating to the use of Schmucker Hall and Seminary grounds for
      the film production.
King, Martin Luther, Jr., Convocation. See Continuing Education and AV Suppl.
Krauth House. See Buildings. Krauth House
"Lamp unto my Feet" ‑ ordination of Pastor Beth Platz, filmstrip
Larson, Arthur. See Arthur L. Larson Stewardship Council
        See also  AV Suppl.
Lay Program
            In Lay Terms, Oct. 1999-
            Lay Program 1970-1978
Lay Retreats 1991-1994
Lay School of Christian Studies, 2000-
Lay School of Theology 1964-   (incomplete)
            Lay School Quarterly 1989-1994
Lay Program. Seminarian‑Laymen Dialogues, 1970‑77
Lay Retreats. See  Lay Program
                   AV Suppl.
Lay School of Christian Studies. See Lay Program
Lay School of Theology See Lay Program
        See also AV Suppl.
Lay School Quarterly. See  Lay Program
Leadership Societies. See also earlier heading: Seminary Associates
Lectures. See Curriculum. Unbound Lectures
       Capital Hill Lecture Series by Lawrence D. Folkemer
       Rice Lecture by M. Rhodes, 1879
       Swope Lecture on Liturgics by Henry E. Horn, 1966
       Information on: Holman Lectureship on the Augsburg Confession
                         Knubel-Miller Lectureship
              Arthur Carl Piepkorn Memorial Lecture on Ecumenics. See Continuing Education and AV Suppl.
       Hein-Fry Lecture Series. See  Hein-Fry Lecture Series
Lectureships. Zimmerman.
        Jeremiah Zimmerman Lectureship on "Effective Preaching"
            Harry F. Baughman, 1935
            Ernest Cadman Colwell, 1953
Legacy of Leadership (S.S. Schmucker) See  Schmucker, S.S., Bicentennial
Lenten Devotionals
Let’s Save Our Seminary. The 1975 Address to the Gettysburg Associates Dinner
     by Donald R. Heiges. See Heiges, Donald R.
    Seminary Archives. Outdated manuscript lists
          Sign-in Books, 1988-1996
          Wentz Papers. Inventory Notes and Student Research Project
          See also AV Suppl.
                   Business Office Records
Life – long Learning Opportunities. See Continuing Education
Linwood. See Adams County Academy
Long, George R. (Unapproved Thesis). See Curriculum
Long Range Planning Committee Report 1987
LTSG 175th Publications Committee. See Publications Committee
Luther Institute. See Washington Theological Consortium. Luther Institute
Luther Statue. Correspondence, Photographs, Committee Reports,
                   Unveiling, Dedication
                Dedication (film). See Development (Box)
                Photos (2004). See photo drawer
Lutheran Historical Conference. 15th Biennial Meeting, at LTSG, Nov. 1990
        4 videotapes and program booklet.   See Videotape List
Lutheran Historical Society of the Mid - Atlantic
Lutheran House of Studies. See    Washington Theological Consortium
                                  Business Office Records
Lutheran Quarterly Account Book, 1903‑1914
Lutheran Summer Assembly See also Oversized Photograph Collection
        Group photos
          2 with no date
Management Audit Team
Manual of Information.  1963-64
                        See also later heading: Student Handbook
Martin Luther Colloquium. See Institute for Luther Studies and AV Suppl.
Martin Luther Jubilee. See AV Suppl.
Martin Luther King, Jr., Convocation. See Continuing Education and AV Suppl.
Matriculation Record, 1903‑1971
Matriculation Services 1954-1971
Matthews, Donald N.
        Library Orientation/Bibliographies (Seminary week 1967-73, various 
           subjects)—on wood cart in Archives Office [listed separately in notebook]
        Slides of Campus Life ‑ People and places. Some appear in various
           editions of the catalog.
       See also Library. Library papers, D. Matthews
Matthews, Donald N. and Elaine C. See On the Glorious Hill ...
Medallion (and artist's sketch), in Vault
         See also Business Office Records
Memorial tributes of students, 1831‑1895. See Missions
Memoirs of Theological Students. See Missions
Merger.  Correspondence of John Aberly ‑ 1929‑1931
         Joint Committee on merger proposals, 1961
         Booz‑Allen & Hamilton, "Planning Survey for Possible Merger, 1961"
         Lutheran Seminary in University City, 1961
         Board of Theological Ed., Report, May 1961
         Report of Comprehensive Study Committee, 1966
         Joint Commission, In‑depth Study of locations, Study Com. Report
         Joint Commission papers, joint faculty statement, report from the
                boards to the position statement
         Joint Faculty conferences, 1966‑1967
         Merger Opinions, Dr. Schmidt's notes, E. Penn. Seminary Com.
         Commission of 18. Future of the Seminary, minutes
         See also AV Suppl.
Middle States Association
        Periodic Review Report, 1986. 2 vol. (2 copies)
        Periodic Review Report, 1996. 2 vol.
        Professional Staff Assignments, 1988
        Report for Commission on Higher Ed., 1976
        Report to the Faculty, Administration, Trustees, 1976
        See also Association of Theological Schools (ATS); Self-evaluation
             Study; Self-study
Mission at the Crossroads
Mission, Statement of
Mission Statement Committee (2000)
Missions. (4 boxes—List in Box 1) (See also 1857 letter in Lutheran Historical Society papers)
   Missionary Society (All handwritten)
      Minutes 1867-1886           .
      Constitution                  .
      By-laws                       .      (Bound in one book)
      Rules of Election           .
      Treasurer’s Record 1886-1919 (Bound book)
   Memoirs of Theological Students 1831-1895
   Missionary Benevolence (from Seminary students) 1915-1922
   Framed letter honoring Edgar Hildebrand 1931
   Society of Inquiry on Missions   (All handwritten)
Constitution                 .        
By-Laws                        .       (Bound in one book)
Proceedings 1827-1856        . 
Proceedings 1868-1873    (Bound book)
Student Papers. Box 1
Answers to Letters l827-1839 (Bound book)
(Individual Handwritten Letters bound in book, with several placed loose in book)
         17 Handwritten loose letters (in separate folder)
Missionary Society, minutes, 1886‑?
             (in with Athenaeum minutes, 1898‑1912. See Athenaeum ...)
Moravian Tiles. See Buildings. Library
Music Degree Program
Music, Gettysburg!
       Program bulletins, etc. 
        Includes Preaching and Church Music Workshop
        (Cassette tapes, videotapes)  See  AV Suppl. and Videotape List.
       Music by Nancy Galbraith
Music Ministry
Music, Outside groups
9/11/2001. See Seminary’s Reponse to ...
1967 Faculty Position Statement ... See Faculty Position Statement ...
Nota Bene!
Observations on Gettysburg and the Common Service, by Kenneth Elkin
Office procedure ‑ Baughman administration
On the Glorious Hill: short history of the Seminary by A. Roger Gobbel,
       Donald N. & Elaine G. Matthews. Book and papers.
175th Anniversary. See Anniversary, 175th
175th Publications Committee, LTSG. See Publications Committee
Papers of the Schmucker Bicentennial, The. Norman O. Forness, editor. See
      Schmucker, S. S. Bicentennial (1999) Celebration
Parish Leadership See Continuing Education. Pastor’s Institute
Partners in Ministry. See Gettysburg Lutheran Partners in Ministry
“Pastor and Educational Use of the Bible, The” by Ralph Heim.
           See Curriculum. Unpublished course materials 
Pastoral Care Lectures by Klaus Thomas. See Curriculum. Unbound lectures.
Paulssen, Bertha
      Bertha Paulssen Award for Distinguished Christian Service
      Paulssen Center for the Study of Church & Society
      Paulssen Convocation
            See also AV Suppl.
Pentagon Attack. See Seminary’s Response to ...
Philadelphia Seminary. Faculty Position Statement, 1967. See Faculty Position Statement ...
Philadelphia Seminary. Future. See Future of the Seminary
Photographs. See   Buildings. Valentine. The Heavens Are Telling
                   (Blueprint File cabinet in Historical and oversized boxes)
                   Development (Box)
                   File cabinets in both Archives Offices
                   Top of file cabinet in first Archives office
Piepkorn Lectures. See Continuing Education and AV Suppl.
Planning for the 80's, a report, 1981
       Original typed copy & rough draft
Platz, Elizabeth A. Ordination bulletin.   See Women in Ministry
Policies Handbook. See Faculty and Staff. Staff Policies Handbook
Position Statement on the Objectives and Program of Theological Education, 1967. 
        See Faculty Position Statement ...
Preaching and Church Music Workshop. See Music, Gettysburg!
Preaching Days. See Academy of Preachers
Preaching Perspectives.
         November 7, 1996 – Advent – Nelson Video See Videotape List
         January 23, 1997 – Lent – Stuempfle Video See  Videotape List
         See also  Continuing Education
Pre-Seminary Studies. See  Curriculum. Pre-Seminary Studies
Preservation Foundation. See  Seminary Ridge Historic Preservation Foundation
President's memos, etc.
Presidents Medallion – found in vault
       Negatives of photos of – See photo drawer in archives office under
       “Student Photo composites”
President's Office
Presidential Leadership Award. See President’s Memos, et. Cooper White (Individuals)
Presidential Papers (given archives on death of Professors, Stamm, Raymond Thomas, 1894-1962
Professors See Presidential Papers, Professors
Programs. See Special Events
Property Committee, minutes, 1926‑1937
Property Information. See  Business Office Records
Publications Committee, 175th, LTSG
Publicity. See also Communications; Development
Rasmussen, Carl Christian
        Interview, by Dr. Stuempfle, 6/30/1986 – Video See Videotape List
        "Greetings to Dr. Rasmussen," 100th birthday party, May 20, 1990 –
             Video See Videotape List
Readiness for Ministry in the Church, Criteria for. See Report of Summer Research
Recognition Events. See Special Events
Record of Absences from Class (1919-1920), Grades for Diplomas and the B.D.
                Degree (1899-1913), and List of Contributors
Records of B.D. candidates, 1896‑1903
      See also Business Office Records
Reformation Search. See Faculty Search
Report of Giving
Report of Summer Research by Russell Hale
Resolution of the Faculty of the Evangelical Seminary, Gettysburg, Pa., Professor M. Valentine, 1903
Response to Sexuality Task Force Report. See Sexuality Task Force
Responses to Student Survey, 2000. See Student Surveys
Reunions. See  Special Events; Student Reunions
Rhodes, M., Rice Lecture, 1879. See  Lectureships
Rice Lecture. See  Lectureships
Round Robin. See Field Education
Sabbath House. See Buildings. Chapel. Worship.
Sabbatical Proposals and Reviews. See  Faculty Dossiers
Saint James Lutheran Church
Schedules. See Calendars and Schedules
Schmidt, Herbert H.
        A History of Gettysburg Seminary Library 1951
Schmucker, S. S.
       Bibliography of Holdings in the A. R. Wentz Library. See  Library. Schmucker, S.S.
       Bicentennial (1999) Celebration
            “Papers of the Schmucker Bicentennial, The,” Norman O. Forness, editor
            Schmucker 200th Anniversary (videotape). See Videotape List
            Schmucker 200th Anniversary (2 audiotapes). See AV Suppl.
 Microfilm of Gettysburg College’s Schmucker Collection. See Schmucker Collection in Vault
Schmucker Family Record by Marian L. Zehr See BX8079 .S37 1956 Gen. (one also in G2010.014 Advancement)
Schmucker Hall Historic Structures Report. See Seminary Ridge Historic Preservation foundation
Schmucker House. See Buildings. Schmucker House
Schmucker letters. Readings based on excerpts of letters of S.S.S. to his wife, Katherine,
        and his son, Beale
Scrapbook.  Oct. 26, 1971‑Dec. 29, 1973
            June 10, 1972‑July 14, 1976
            May 6, 1976‑Oct. 27, 1978
Search, Faculty. See Faculty Search
Search, Presidential. See Presidential Search
Selected Actions Affecting the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg
    Showing Actions by Parties Involved by Luther A. Gottwald, Jr.
Self‑evaluation Study, with working papers (1975) See also ATS
Self-evaluation Study (1989-1990) See also ATS
Self-Guided Walking Tour of Seminary Ridge. See Seminary Ridge Historic Preservation
    Foundation. Historic Pathway Project
Self-study (1999-2000)
      Self-study Process
      Alumni Responses
      Faculty Responses
      Student Review Copy
      See also Association of Theological Schools (ATS); Middle States
Seminary Associates. See also later heading: Leadership Societies
Seminary Choir. See Choir
Seminary Days. See Spring Convocation
Seminary Directory. See Board of Directors. Agendas
Seminary Explores (radio program), 1970‑
Seminary hymn
Seminary Newsletter. See Newsletter
Seminary on Wheels (Speakers Bureau), 2002-    . See Communications.  Seminary on Wheels
Seminary Players.
        See Videotape List: The Sign of Jonah, Jan. 1985
                            Stars Come in Pairs, April 26, 1985
Seminary Publications Committee, 175th Anniversary. See Publications Committee
Seminary Ridge Historic pathway Project. See Seminary Ridge Historic Preservatino Foundation
Seminary Ridge Historic Preservation Foundation
Seminary Ridge Review
Seminary Studies Itself, A, 1969, vols. I, II, III (2 copies)
Seminary Studies Itself, A, 1979, vols. I & II (2 copies)
Seminary Studies Itself, A, 1990, vol. I (3 copies)
Seminary Views.  See Newsletter
Seminary Week. See Spring Convocation, new name as of 1977
Seminary Weekend
Seminary’s Response to Terrorist Attack & Tragedy (9/11/2001)
September 11, 2001. See Seminary’s Response to ...
      See also Buildings. Chapel. Worship. Sermons at Chapel; RG9
Services.  (Box)Academic Convocation
        Includes copy of letter to Dr. N. J. Gould Wickey from
          President Harry F. Baughman about ceremony
                Outside Groups
           (Box)Commencement, 1882, 1889, 1908, 1912, 1917, 1921-
                    Addresses by Singmaster 1909
                                 Hoover 1952
                                 Heikkinen 1971
                                 Heiges 1976                           
           Commencement. Videotape of ceremonies, May 20, 1988 and others. See Videotape List
                and also in main catalog
                Matins, Oct. 9, 1990 – Video. See Videotape List
           Inaugural addresses
           Inauguration and installation
           Inauguration and installation of Beekmann
           Inauguration and installation of Cooper-White
           Inauguration and installation of Wentz and Rasmussen
           Musical Score ‑ Swedish High Mass
              See also AV Suppl.
Sesquicentennial 1976
Sesquicentennial Planning Committee
Sex Discrimination Claim (EEOC)
Sexual Harassment
Sexuality Task Force Report/Response
Sign of Jonah (Spring Convocation, 1991). See AV Suppl. and Videotape List
                                Audio‑visual materials: 5 audio‑cassettes
                                2 videotapes
        See also  Seminary Players
Site & Space Study. See  Buildings. Site & Space Study
Skirmishes in the Perennial Battle for Gettysburg by Luther A. Gottwald, Jr.
Slides. (Housed in box on top of file cabinets)
         See also Development; Matthews, Donald N.
Social Action Committee (2001-    )
Speakers Bureau of Seminary. See Communications. Seminary on Wheels
Special Events: Celebrations, Dinners, Reunions, etc.
Spiritual Formation Task Force
Spirituality, Fund for the Nature of. See Bengt Hoffman
Spouses (see Wives of the Seminary)
Spring Convocation (formerly known as Seminary Week), 1977‑
        See also Sign of Jonah and AV Suppl. and Videotape List
Staff Policies Handbook. See Faculty and Staff. Staff Policies Handbook
State of the Seminary. See Communications
Stewardship for Life Institute. See Arthur L. Larson Stewardship Council
S.T.M. See Continuing Education
Summer Institute. See Continuing Education
Swope Lecture on Liturgics. See Lectureships
Syllabi.  See  Curriculum. Bibliographies, Syllabi, Library Reserve Lists
Symposia. See Women in Ministry: Symposium and Celebration, Sept. 6, 1985
Synod Assembly Report (LTSG and Philadelphia)
Talent Show – Videotapes. See  Videotape List (also found in main catalog)
                  April 13, 1985, 1989, 1990, May 6, 1994, 1996
Talk on vocations, by Heiges ‑ 2 videotapes. See Videotape List
Teaching Parish Assignments. See Field Education
Teaching Parish Manual. See Field Education
Tenure Reviews. See Faculty Dossiers
Testimonials. See Special Events
TEY. See Theological Education with Youth
That your sons & daughters may prophesy (filmstrip on Seminary) (on top of filing drawers)
Theological Education with Youth
Thomas, Klaus. See  Curriculum. Unbound lectures
Tour Guide Booklet of the Church of the Abiding Presence. See Buildings Chapel
Town and Country Church Institute
        Includes Challenges (1987-1990)
                 Newsletter 1996-1997
“Unchurched, The” by J. Russell Hale – 2 videotapes. See Videotape List
Valentine, Professor M. See Resolution of the Faculty
Valentine Hall. See Buildings. Valentine Hall
Vespers. See Buildings. Chapel. Worship
Voice of the Christian Century, by A. Roger Gobbel
Wasemann, Dave. See An Enduring Saga Continues

Washington Theological Consortium
   Box 1  Consortium Bulletin, The, 1970-1992
   Box 2  Correspondence 1970-1976
          Report: December 1969
          Self-Study Report 1971-1972
   Loose-leaf book   Board Minutes 1980-1989
                     Executive Committee Minutes 1980-1989
                     Miscellaneous 1983-1985
   Box 3 Lutheran House of Studies
           Correspondence 1970-1976 (Sheneman and Heikkinen)
   Loose-leaf book  Council Minutes 1970-1974 
   Box 4  Bulletins 2001-
          Miscellaneous 1986-
          Luther Institute
       See also Business Office Records
Website News. See Communications
Wentz, A. R. See Student Reunions. Class of 1944; Buildings. Chapel. “Footnotes ...”
Wentz, Frederick K. See Gettysburg Seminary's Role ...
Wickey, Dr. N. J. Gould.  See  Services. Matriculation
Wolf Bequest (Kenneth and Reva Wolf)
Women at Gettysburg Lutheran Theological Seminary. See "Climate is
      created ..."
Women in Ministry (Box)
        Discussion 3/13/1996 with Shannon Almquist
        Fifteen Years After the Ordination of Women in the LCA
        1992/1993 (includes sound recording)
        On Campus 1998
        Scrapbook (1992-1996)
        Women in Ministry Day (9/6/1985) Correspondence, Brochures, Publicity
        Symposium and Celebration, Sept. 6, 1985 (5 audio-cassettes, 1
        videotape with program booklet). See AV Suppl. and Videotape List
Wives of the Seminary See Students (Box)
"Words for the Wise". See Library. Bulletin
World Trade Center Attack. See Seminary’s Response to ...
Worship programs. See  Services. General
Worship Committee. See Buildings. Chapel. Worship
Yearbook of the Hill, 1945.
Zimmerman, Jeremiah, Lectureship on "Effective Preaching." See Lectureships. Zimmerman
     also see Seminary Bulletin (BV4070 .G51) for info on speakers for each year – 1944 Peter Marshall
*Housed on top of 3 cabinets in archives
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Evan Boyd, Library Director and Archivist
Collected Papers of Samuel Simon Schmucker
Original Inventory prepared by O.J. Jorgenson and Verlyn K. Smith, July, 1965
Revised April 1991, May 2012
Catalogue system: Samuel Simon Schmucker papers
3000 – S. S. Schmucker papers                        
3100 – Letters from S. S. Schmucker               31aa.bbcc                 aa – Year
                                                                                                                bb – Month
                                                                                                                cc - Day
3200 – Letters to S. S. Schmucker                    32aa.bbcc                aa – Year
                                                                                                                bb – Month
                                                                                                                cc - Day
3300 – Sermons                                                   33aa.bbcc               aa – Book of Bible (Genesis = 1)
                                                                                                               bb – Chapter
                                                                                                               cc - Verse
3400 – Lectures                                                   34aa.bbcc              aa – General Topic
                                                                                                               bb – Subtopic (when needed)
                                                                                                               cc – Arbitrary Number to Identify Paper
             3410.bbcc – Bible                                                                   bb – 10 Geology
                                                                                                               20 Archeology
                                                                                                               30 History
                                                                                                               40 Exegesis
                                                                                                               50 Theology
             3420.bbcc – Theology                                                           bb – 10 Methodology
                                                                                                               20 Dogmatics
                                                                                                               30 Sacraments
                                                                                                               40 Philosophy of Religion
                                                                                                              50 History
             3430.bbcc – Mental Philosophy                                          (no sub-topics)
             3440.bbcc – Homiletics                                                             “              “
             3450.bbcc – Pastoral Theology                                               “              “
             3460 – Moral Theology                                                             “              “
             3470.bbcc – Church Government                                             “              “
3500 – Documents                                              35aa.bbcc              aa – year
                                                                                                               bb – Month
                                                                                                               cc – Day
3600 – Lutheran Church                                    36aa.bbcc               aa – General Topic
                                                                                                               bb – Not Used *
                                                                                                               cc – Arbitrary Number to Identify Paper
              3610.bbcc – Seminary*                                                         *(For this group, bb was used, along with cc, to identify paper)
              3620.bbcc – General Synod
              3630.bbcc – Hymn book and Liturgy
              3640.bbcc – Other synods and agencies
3700 – Miscellaneous                                        37aa.bbcc                aa – General Topic
                                                                                                                bb – Not Used
                                                                                                                cc – Arbitrary Number to Identify Paper
              3710.bbcc – Bibliographies Compiled by S. S. Schmucker
              3720.bbcc – Lecture Notes Taken by S. S. Schmucker While a Student at Princeton
              3730.bbcc – Materials Related to his Publications
              3740.bbcc – Evangelical Alliance
              3750.bbcc – Slavery and Negro Questions
              3760.bbcc – Pictures and Newspaper Clippings
              3770.bbcc – Other Miscellaneous
              3780.bbcc – Correspondence and Items Relating to the S. S. Schmucker Collection
              3790.bbcc – Scrapbooks

*3 microfilms of Gettysburg College Schmucker Collection

*Special books with Civil War writing – see Boxed Ms. List under Civil War
BX8079 S37 1956 Gen: Schmucker Family Record Zehr, Marian (one also in Advancement box on Campaign G2010.014 Box 4)
BV4070 G568 1826 H: SSS Inaugural Address
BS185 1822 .N48 SSS: Schmucker Bible


Archive No.     Item            Description
* designates letters in the Robert A. Schmucker, Jr., (great‑grandson of S.S.S.) collection of Schmucker's letters, which he donated to the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. Because these letters were related, they were kept together as a collection. They are located in a separate box at the end of the Schmucker collection. The descriptions of the contents were largely provided by Robert Schmucker, Jr.
3100.0001       Letter          Copies of letters from Schmucker to his wife, 1820‑1847,
                                       and Inventory of Estate. 
                                       (Originals in the Library of Gettysburg College.)
3100.0002       Letter          Copies of Schmucker's letters to his son,
                                        Beale Melanchthon Schmucker, 1848‑1864. 
                                        (Originals in the Library of Gettysburg College.)
[3126.1202]     Letter          From Schmucker to C.P [Charles Philip] Krauth, President of
                                        the Synod of Md. & Va., Martinsburg, Berkeley Co., Virginia
                                        [now West Virginia]. Dec. 2, 1826. 
                                        In West Pennsylvania Synod Archives,
                                        Correspondence and Proceedings, Box 2.
3130.0206       Letter          From Schmucker (in German) to ed. of York Gazette, York, Pa.,
                                       defending Prof. Meyer (?) against charge that he rejects
                                       German language. Feb. 6, 1830. 
                                       And Newspaper clipping (newspaper not identified with
                                       Schmucker's letter to the editor. It is concerned with
                                       his insistence that he has given no cause for the
                                       suspicion that he has rejected the German language.
                                       Printed in German (no translation, no date.)
3138.0222       Letter          From Schmucker to Rev. Milton Badgen, Cor. Sect.
                                       of the American Home Missionary Society, New York,
                                       concerning a variety of matters, including a
                                       recommendation of Jesse Hoover, a former student
                                       at the Seminary, and mention of a plan for Christian Union,
                                       to appear in the next Repository. Feb. 22, 1838. 
                                       Photocopy: original in Archives of the American
                                       Home Missionary Society.
3139.0501       Letter          From Schmucker to Rev. Charles Mace, New York,
                                       concerning missionary operations supported by the
                                       Branch. Includes a Report of the Lutheran Branch
                                       of the American Home Missionary Society for 1837‑8,
                                       signed by S. S. Schmucker, Cor. Sect., May 1, 1839. 
                                       Photocopy: original in Archives of the American Home
                                       Missionary Society.
3140.0915       Letter          From Schmucker as recommendation for Mr. Henry Bishop,
                                        student at Seminary. Sept. 15, 1840.
3148.1028       Letter          From Schmucker to his son, Beale M. Schmucker,
                                       discussing German Hymnbook, turning down call for
                                       Beale, size of college enrollment, and tombstone for
                                       his wife's grave. Oct. 28, 1848.  Letter to S. S.
                                       Schmucker from the vestry chairman of the
                                       Evangelical Lutheran Church, Savannah, Georgia, requesting
                                       that Schmucker relay to "your son" the call from this
                                       congregation to serve as its pastor (Sept. 21, 1848)
                                       included by S.S.S. in letter to Beale.
3159.0414       Letter          From Schmucker to ? (no name given), in reply to a
                                       letter received, concerning the subject of the future
                                       destiny of man and the appropriate way of regarding
                                       difficult Scripture passages. April 14, 1859. 
                                       Photocopy: original in Adams County Historical Society.
3164.0809       Letter          From Schmucker to the Board of Directors of Gettysburg
                                       Seminary giving notice of his resignation, effective
                                       September 21, 1864, with reasons for his action. Aug. 9, 1864.
3165.0708       Letter          From Schmucker to Rev. J. I. Burrell advising him about
                                        working with divided congregation, especially
                                        matters of discipline. July 8, 1865.
3170.0714       Letter          From Schmucker to his son, Beale M. Schmucker,
                                        congratulating him on receiving D.D. Speaks of Beale's
                                        lack of interest in the college and defeat of efforts to
                                        compromise synodical difficulties. July 14, 1870.
3218.0508       Letter          To Schmucker from E. (Ebenezer) Porter (Professor of
                                        Sacred Rhetoric) at the Theological Seminary,
                                        Andover, giving details of curriculum and costs of
                                        attending the Seminary. Written on the reverse side
                                        of an Andover catalogue. May 8, 1818. 
                                        Also included: a carbon copy of a typed copy of letter,
                                        with identification of Porter.
3218.0726       Letter          To Schmucker from Archibald Alexander of Princeton Seminary
                                        answering inquiries about courses, requirements, and costs. 
                                        July 26, 1818.
3222.0807       Letter          To Schmucker from Moses Stuart commending his translation of
                                       Storr and Flatt (Elementary Course of Biblical Theology). 
                                       Aug. 7, 1822.
3226.1026       Letter          To Schmucker from Ernest Hazelius commending beginning of
                                        Seminary and discussing relations of New York Ministerium
                                        and General Synod, and news of Hartwick Seminary. 
                                        Oct. 26, 1826.
3227.0707       Letter          To Schmucker from Johann Jacob Haring, July 7, 1827, in
                                       German script (no translation).
3227.0914       Letter          To Schmucker from Henry Kurtz, Canton, Ohio, Sept. 14, 1827,
                                       in German script (no translation).
3228.0401       Letter          To Schmucker from Lewis Medtart, Frederick Town
                                       (i.e.Frederick, Maryland), April 1, 1828, concerning
                                       the proposed new edition of the hymn book.
3229.0224       Letter          To Schmucker from William Nast, Millersburg(?), Feb. 24, 1829,
                                       in German script (no translation).
3230.0522       Letter          To Schmucker from Heinrich Kurtz, May 22, 1830.
                                       Kurtz would like to sell part of his library and wonders if 
                                       Schmucker or any student might be interested in purchasing
                                       some of the books. In German, translation accompanies.
3231.0411       Letter          To Schmucker from Samuel How soliciting support for
                                       Dickinson College and discussing "Common School Education." 
                                       April 11, 1831.
3231.0615       Letter          To Schmucker, at Germantown, Pa., from Thaddeus Stevens,
                                       Gettysburg, June 15, 1831, concerning business that
                                       Stevens would do on Schmucker's behalf on an upcoming
                                       trip to Harrisburg. (The names of the other parties are unclear,
                                       except "Mr. Elder.")
3232.0926       Letter          To Schmucker from John Knox, indicating Rutgers College
                                       has conferred D.D. on Schmucker, and discussing promotion
                                       of learning and religion in Adams Co., Penna. Sept. 26, 1832.
3233.0226       Letter          To Schmucker from Rev. Daniel Scherer (in German) requesting
                                        preacher for immigrants to St. Louis and Illinois. Feb. 26, 1833.
3234.0521       Letter          To Schmucker from William Patton and (reverse) John Owen inviting
                                       closer cooperation between Presbyterian and Lutheran Education
                                       Societies, and pledging help for Lutheran students. May 21, 1834.
3236.0210       Letter          To Schmucker from 14 of his students asking for a lecture on
                                       Animal Magnetism. Feb. 10, 1836.
3237.0213       Letter          Fragment of letter to Schmucker "New Windsor, January 23, 1837,
                                       Dr. S. S. Schmucker. Dear Sir" Another side: "Recommendation
                                       of vindication of Amer. Luth." May be Schmucker's writing.
3237.1110       Letter          To Schmucker from W. D. Strobel of New York (Strobel was a
                                       Lutheran pastor serving at various times in Maryland, New York
                                       and South Carolina), November 10, 1837. The letter was written
                                       about the Rev. Lutgen, former Roman Catholic priest who was
                                       excommunicated by Bishop Dubois. Strobel wished Schmucker to
                                       keep Lutgen at the Seminary for a season to analyze his worthiness
                                       and to see if he could be of some service to the Lutheran church.
3239.0000       Letter          To Schmucker from John Knox praising "Appeal to the Churches" and
                                        commenting on need for ecumenical efforts. No date (probably 1839).
3239.0222       Letter          To Schmucker from Charles Hodge criticizing Schmucker's "Appeal to
                                        the American Churches." Feb. 22, 1839.
3240.0113*      Letter          To Schmucker from Jacob Williamson, Rockingham, Jan. 13, 1840. 
                                        Mentions failure of J. Beale Steenbergen for $400,000. Fire on
                                        his estate on the Wabash in Indiana (Laporte) $40,000 more.
                                        Friends & relatives had endorsed for him for $650,000. Some
                                        were James M. H. Beale, D. Blackford, Ben Blackford, John Morgan,
                                        Charles Beale, R. Allen, Samuel Coffman, Col. A. Bierne and
                                        Erasmus Coffman. Above will delay payment of Catherine's legacy.
3240.0128*      Letter          To Schmucker from Dr. Thomas Blackford, Mt. Airy, Virginia,
                                        January 28, 1840. Says S.S.S. has been misinformed of true
                                        state of affairs of Mrs. Steenbergen. Beale's failure involved in
                                        ruin all his friends who endorsed for him in Bank of U.S. 
                                        He will be fortunate if he escapes prosecution. Elizabeth Beale
                                        Steenbergen was to have use of the entire estate including
                                        Negroes and some personal property.  Beale was to pay to
                                        Mary Catherine Schmucker and Caroline Blackford legacies.
                                        The "old man" (William Steenbergen) had debts which he thought less
                                        than some personal property, but this turned out untrue. Beale's failure
                                        has caused talk against him. Dr. Blackford thinks he has a severe ordeal
                                        to pass through. His angelic wife and devoted mother are objects of
                                        commiseration (Beale's, that is).
3240.0222*      Letter          To Schmucker from Jacob D. Williamson, Rockingham, New Market,
                                        Virginia, February 22, 1840. He replies to a letter from S.S.S. inquiring
                                        about the estate of Mt. Airy and the debts against it at the time of
                                        William Steenbergen's death. It speaks of the raising of money by
                                        John Beale Steenbergen and mentions a debt due to the Seminary.
3240.0410*      Letter          To Schmucker from Dr. Thomas Blackford, Luray, Virginia, April 10,
                                        1840. Regrets he cannot tell S.S.S. more about their interests in
                                        Mt. Airy estate. Yesterday took leave of Beale who started for
                                        the far west (Laporte?) avowing a determination to return to
                                        Virginia. Dr. T.B. does not expect to see Beale again--a man of
                                        generous impulses and liberality, not destitute of virtues, but
                                        with many faults, originating in a defective education and from bad
                                        associations. The parting from wife, mother and family truly distressing.
                                        Hurried Beale away lest the bank put him in jail. Beale has surrendered
                                        the property, now in the hands of S. A. Miller who cleared himself in
                                        court. Administrators had a sale at Mt. Airy. Mrs. Steenbergen bought
                                        the negroes at valuation. Parted with William to Col. Huston (see letter
                                        from Anthony to E.B.S. asking for help to purchase his sons and brother
                                        from Col. Huston's estate ‑ 3245.0114* at end of Letters). Quotes Beale
                                        saying he has turned over to trustees more than the amount of legacies
                                        to Caroline and Mary Catherine, but he will employ council to protect
                                        their interests. Mrs. S. (E.B.S.) would like to sell her dower rights
                                        so as to receive cash and get more for the estate if unencumbered
                                        by the dower rights. Dr. T.B. tells her to avail herself of all the rights
                                        and enjoy them to the end of her days. He will look over old
                                        Mr. Steenbergen's papers, as Beale was not communicative on
                                        the subject. He thinks Caperton wishes to force the sale of
                                        Mt. Airy that he may purchase it. Thinks Col. Beale (James M. H. Beale)
                                        will go west. According to Beale Family he did, settling in what is
                                        now Point Pleasant, West Va. He thinks U.S. Bank will not hold
                                        Steenbergen real estate. Wishes Mary Catherine could spend
                                        some time at Mt. Airy that summer before her mother goes west. 
                                        They want company to cheer them up.
3240.0612*      Letter          To Schmucker from Dr. Thomas Blackford, Mt. Airy, Virginia,
                                        June 12, 1840. Sends Thomas to him to keep him at school for
                                        a year. He has made so little progress. Would like him kept to
                                        the elementary branches of a good English education and prepare
                                        him for business. The writer's means cannot provide a classical
                                        education ‑ asks S.S.S. to direct his studies. Encloses 50 dollars
                                        for Thomas' needs for clothes, bedding, spending money.
3241.0118*      Letter          To Schmucker from J. Marshall, Jr., Winchester, Virginia,
                                        January 18, 1841, telling him a suit has been instituted by
                                        Hugh Caperton against the legatees of William Steenbergen,
                                        trying to force the sale of Mt. Airy to cover a debt of $15,000.
                                        Thinks Mrs. Steenbergen's dower rights would have to be sold
                                        with it, and to do this, Elizabeth Beale Steenbergen would have to
                                        sell it herself. The persons interested have great confidence in
                                        S.S.S. Will he come to Mt. Airy and look after his wife's interests,
                                        and come as soon as possible after the adjournment of the Virginia
                                        Legislature, as then Mr. Conrad will beat home.
3241.0225*      Letter          To Schmucker from A. S. Tidball, February 25, 1841. Saying
                                        Mr. Meem had come to an understanding with Mrs. Steenbergen
                                        (Elizabeth Beale) for her life estate if he could buy Beale's place and
                                        the Allen farm from the trustees. "We" agreed to take for the farms
                                        $50,000. Requests a letter to "New York care of J. P. Stagg ___ " informing
                                        him at what price the legatees will consent to a sale of Mt. Airy
                                        farm. (Letter falling apart.)
3241.0306*      Letter          To Schmucker from John G. Meem, New York, March 6, 1841. 
                                        He thinks the heirs are asking too high a price for Mt. Airy. He has
                                        made an offer to the trustees for the other two parts. Quotes
                                        Mrs. Blackford that decisions should be made pretty soon because of
                                        the necessity of making arrangements for cropping.
3241.0320       Letter          To Schmucker from Daniel Alexander Payne, introducing
                                        Payne's new "Male and Female Seminary" in Philadelphia. 
                                        March 20, 1841.
3241.0325*      Letter          To Schmucker from Caroline Blackford (sister of Mrs. S.S.S.
                                        and wife of Dr. Thomas Blackford), Mt. Airy, Virginia, March 25,
                                        (1841). She rebukes him for misdirecting his letters to Mt. Airy,
                                        sending them to Shenandoah County instead of Mt. Jackson. 
                                        Mentions the distrust of the family, of the advisability of an
                                        annuity for her mother (Elizabeth Beale Steenbergen) for her
                                        dower rights to Mt. Airy and of her having written to Mr. Meem
                                        about it. Mentions their afflictions with pious comments. Also
                                        speaks of her son, Thomas, complaining of being whipped
                                        very often by his teacher. She asks S.S.S. to look into the matter.
                                        Her sister Betsy is with her. Invites the Schmuckers to visit
                                        this spring.
3241.0526*      Letter          To Schmucker from A. S. Tidball, May 26, 1841. The day
                                        before an agreement had been reached with Mr. Meem to
                                        buy Mt. Airy for $23,000. Asks S.S.S. to sign it--and
                                        Mary Catherine also. Mr. Williams thinks the court will sanction
                                        the sale at the Sept. term. Will write Mr. Samuels to employ him
                                        for Mrs. Blackford. Note by S.S.S. He and Catherine had signed
                                        May 30, 1841.
3241.0528*      Letter          To Schmucker from G. B. Samuels, Woodstock, Virginia,
                                        May 28, 1841. He is not aware that any impediment exists to
                                        his attending the interests of the legatees in settling the charges
                                        upon Mr. Steenbergen's land. However, a conflict could occur if
                                        the legatees deny that Mr. Steenbergen the elder was a principal
                                        debtor to Col. Beirne (Bierne?) and J. J. Allen, since he was previously
                                        hired to represent those gentlemen.
3241.0605       Letter          To Schmucker from Romeo Elton expressing enthusiasm for
                                        "Fraternal Appeal." June 5, 1841.
3241.0608       Letter          To Schmucker from James Murdock praising Portraiture of
                                        Lutheranism, though disagreeing with his interpretation of
                                        Luther's view of Lord's Supper. June 8, 1841.
3241.0610*      Letter          To Schmucker from G. B. Samuels, Woodstock, Virginia,
                                        June 10, 1841. He has examined the question of conflict between
                                        his present clients and the legatees of Wm. Steenbergen. He will
                                        inform Mr. Tidball and, assuming there will be no objection, then
                                        take charge of the case.
3241.1103       Letter          To Schmucker from M (?) Brown introducing his nephew
                                        James Allen Brown who desires to enter the college. Nov. 3, 1841.
3241.1201*      Letter          To Schmucker from Jacob Williamson, Rockingham, New Market,
                                        Virginia, December 1, 1841. Talks of the case between Bank of
                                        U.S. and John B. Steenbergen's creditors being transferred and
                                        then delayed. He is sure Mrs. Schmucker's legacy is secure. 
                                        Various small suits amounting to over one million dollars thrown
                                        out of court. Bank of U.S. claim was $750,000. Beale living
                                        in style in Laporte.
3241.1209*      Letter          To Schmucker from A. S. Tidball, Winchester, Virginia,
                                        December 9, 1841. Says he is answering for Mr. Marshall. 
                                        Says the Bank of the U.S. in trying to recover its debt from J. B.
                                        Steenbergen sued the endorsees of his notes and filed a bill
                                        against the trustees to recover the property in Shenandoah. 
                                        He judges Mr. Caperton will accept the offer made him, in which
                                        case M. C. Schmucker's legacy will be secure.
3242.0127       Letter          To Schmucker from Reuben Weiser asking him to authorize a
                                        Lutheran Depository at Bedford for sale of books and catechisms.
                                        Jan. 27, 1842.
3242.0517*      Letter          To Schmucker from Dr. Thomas Blackford, Mt. Airy, Virginia,
                                        May 17, 1842. Tells of his hope of obtaining the legacies
                                        (Caroline Blackford's and M. C. Schmucker's). Speaks of Caperton
                                        claims ‑ a sum of money offered to Ruben Moore to buy land. 
                                        This was to prove the debt was a bond in the handwriting of
                                        John Beale Steenbergen with his father's name affixed in the same
                                        ink but with no witness. But Old William's name was in an
                                        entirely different color of ink. He may be unjust to Beale. 
                                        Mrs. Steenbergen preparing to leave. All will be anxious
                                        until she arrives at Laporte. Wishes S.S.S. would come to
                                        Mt. Airy so they could consult about their affairs. Fears S.S.S.
                                        is no judge of horseflesh because the handsome mare he bought
                                        for Mrs. Steenbergen is unsound.
3242.0621       Letter          To Schmucker from William Hallock requesting his opinion about
                                        the publishing of certain books and tracts. June 21, 1842.
3242.0629       Letter          To Schmucker from William Hallock, discussing Johann Arndt's
                                        True Christianity with a view toward publication. June 29, 1842.
3242.1112       Letter          To Schmucker from Guistiniani reporting on money he has
                                        raised for "the soul's salvation of the Germans and Italians." 
                                        Nov. 12, 1842.
3242.1205*      Letter          To Schmucker from Jacob Williamson, Rockingham,
                                        Virginia, December 5, 1842. Mentions that the Old Lady
                                        (Mrs. William Steenbergen) left $35 to be paid to Mary Catherine
                                        Schmucker. Mentions a claim on Mr. Meem for $4000, the interest
                                        to be sent to her at Laporte. The bond will go to Mrs. Schmucker
                                        and Mrs. Blackford at her death. Mentions disposal of her slave,
                                        Anthony. Talks negatively of Dr. Blackford's removal to Lynchburg. 
                                        U.S. Bank appealing Judge Scott's decision.
3243.0115*      Letter          To Schmucker from Jacob Williamson, New Market, Virginia,
                                        January 15, 1843. Mentions the safety of the debts of Mr. Meem to
                                        the "Old Lady" (Mrs. William Steenbergen) and the advisability of
                                        not pushing Mr. Meem about payment. He also wonders about the
                                        possibility of Mrs. Williamson's visiting Dr. Schmucker and his
                                        family the next summer.
3243.0204*      Letter          To Schmucker from Jacob Williamson, New Market, Virginia,
                                        February 4, 1843. Has received a letter from the "Old Lady"
                                        telling of the failure of Mr. Meem's security. The other members
                                        of the family had not mentioned it. Deals with E.B.S. interest in
                                        bonds and money due from her life interest in Mt. Airy.
3243.0313*      Letter          To Schmucker from Jacob Williamson, Rockingham, New Market,
                                        Virginia, March 13, 1843. Mr. Meem returned from Lynchburg and
                                        brought a letter from Dr. Blackford, in which B. acknowledged that
                                        he had heard rumors of Mr. Yory's credit and told these to Caroline. 
                                        She, in turn, told her mother. Gilbert Meem, who is in a position to
                                        know, says Yory has more property now than ever in his life, and that
                                        his fortune has increased through a recent marriage into wealth. 
                                        The letter expresses confidence in Mr. Meem and the future. 
                                        Dr. Blackford thinks John Beale Steenbergen will not remain long in
                                        Indiana and may locate himself in New York.
3244.0114*      Letter          To Schmucker from J. D. Williamson, New Market, Virginia,
                                        January 14, 1844. Tells of receiving letter from E.B.S. in which she
                                        says she is trying to collect $2000 from Mr. Meem for S.S.S.'s benefit. 
                                        He thinks this will be accomplished when Mr. Meem's payments
                                        become due. He expects that Catherine's legacy should be paid
                                        and also the Seminary debt. He expects the Court of Appeals to
                                        uphold Judge Scott's decision. Says the "Old Lady" intends to visit
                                        Gettysburg next summer. Mrs. B. Steenbergen has suffered recent
                                        loss including a mill burned with a great deal of grain in it
                                        and the crop of wheat ruined by rust.
3244.0120*      Letter          To Schmucker from S. Chitton, House of Representatives,
                                        Washington, January 20, 1844. Says it would give him great
                                        pleasure to attend to S.S.S.'s claim if terms can be agreed upon.
3244.0201*      Letter          To Schmucker from Samuel Chitton, House of Representatives,
                                       Washington, February 1, 1844. Mentions that his services in
                                       prosecuting a claim against Steenbergen cannot possibly exceed
3245.0101*      Letter          To Schmucker from J. Beale Steenbergen, New York,
                                       January 1, 1845. Has decided to make New York City his home.
                                       Thinks he can succeed in the introduction of American provisions
                                       in England. Has written to Mary, his wife, to join him. 
                                       Ellen (daughter) has gone to school. He suggests the other girls
                                       stay with S.S.S.
3245.0114*      Letter          To Elizabeth Beale Steenbergen from Anthony Smith
                                      (her former slave), New York, January 14, 1845. (see 3240.0410*)
                                      Asking help to purchase two sons and his brother William from
                                      the estate of Col. Huston.
3245.0119*      Letter          To Schmucker from John Beale Steenbergen, New York, January 19,
                                      1845. Mentions that there is no cause for fear into scrutiny of his past.
                                      Hopes to prove that he is an honest man.
3246.0113       Letter          To Schmucker from Charles Martin reporting on the suspect
                                      liturgical practices and negative attitude toward the "allegiance"
                                      of Dr. Guistiniani. Jan. 13, 1846 (1847?).
3246.0216       Letter          To Schmucker from Henry Pohlman expressing gratitude that
                                     he can attend the Evangelical Alliance meeting in London and
                                     sending his delegate's certificate. Feb. 16, 1846.
3246.0629       Letters        To Schmucker from members of his family, written
                                      to him while he was in Europe. June 29 and 30, 1846.
3246.0630           (2)             
3248.0508       Letter          To Schmucker from William Sprague requesting a
                                      promised contribution to his work (Annals of the American Pulpit).
                                      May 8, 1848.
3248.1229       Letter          To Schmucker from H. Ziegler seeking advice about promoting
                                      the cause of missions. Dec. 29, 1848.
3249.0219       Letter          To Schmucker from Jacob Miller (in German) announcing a
                                      meeting of the hymnal committee. Feb. 19, 1849. Reverse side:
                                      notes relating to hymnbook and instruction for publisher.
3249.0514*      Letter          To Schmucker from R. E. Scott, Warrenton, Virginia,
                                      May 14, 1849. Has been too busy to look into the matter of
                                      the legacy of Mary Catherine. Must be away from home to
                                      Richmond for some time, but will examine the case upon his return.
3249.0911       Letter          To Schmucker from Philip Mayer stating he will not enter debate
                                      between Lutheran Observer and Evangelical Review and commenting
                                      on required subscription to symbolic books. Sept. 11, 1849.
3249.1202       Letter          To Schmucker from J. Selmser applauding Schmucker's articles
                                      and position on American Lutheranism. Dec. 2, 1849.
3249.1203       Letter          To Schmucker from Ernest Hazelius expressing his views
                                      contrary to Schmucker's on symbolic books, meaning of
                                      American Lutheranism. Dec. 3, 1849.
3249.1229       Letter          To Schmucker from D. S. Altman sending money to help needy
                                      students and urging him to stand high ground against his opponents.
                                      Dec. 29, 1849.
3250.0205       Letter          To Schmucker from Benjamin Kurtz commenting on Schmucker's
                                      newspaper debate with William Reynolds and opposing Charles Philip
                                      Krauth's election to Seminary faculty. Feb. 5, 1850.
3250.0228       Letter          To Schmucker from Charles Kugler expressing appreciation of
                                      his articles on American Lutheranism. Feb. 28, 1850.
3250.0318       Letter         To Schmucker from Henry Pohlman expressing his views
                                      on the position of the New York Ministerium regarding confessional
                                      subscription and doctrinal basis for General Synod. March 18, 1850.
3250.0330*      Letter          To Schmucker from R. E. Scott, Warrenton, Virginia, March 30, 1850. 
                                      Mentions the claim for Mary Catherine's legacy. He was ordered to take
                                      account of all the claims. Nothing can be done at present. He will keep
                                      in touch.
3250.0401       Letter          To Schmucker from William Hallock inviting his presence at
                                      meeting of American Temperance Society and reaction to
                                      enclosed document. April 1, 1850.
3252.0511       Letter          To Schmucker from John Hoffman from Carlisle reminding him
                                      of a Whitsunday preaching engagement.  May 11, 1852.
3252.0520       Letter          To Schmucker from Romeo Elton with letter from Mrs. Elton
                                      enclosed applauding Schmucker's efforts toward Christian union. 
                                      May 20, 1852.
3252.0912       Letter          To Schmucker from Dr. G. A. Fischer, Portsmouth, Ohio,
                                      Sept. 12, 1852, in German script (no translation).
3252.0928       Letter          To Schmucker from J. C. Brigham, Corresponding Secretary
                                      of the American Bible (Society?) asking his advice on the printing
                                      of a German Bible requested by the German population of
                                      New York City. He wonders if he should combine Luther's Bible
                                      and Von Meyer's Bible. Schmucker's notes for reply are on
                                      the paper.
3253.0211       Letter          To Schmucker from Edwards Park acknowledging receipt
                                       of pamphlet by Schmucker and hoping to acknowledge it in
                                       next number of Bibliotheca Sacra. Feb. 11, 1853.
3253.0215*      Letter          To Schmucker from Jacob Williamson, Rockingham, New Market,
                                       Virginia, February 15, 1853. Mentions discussing the legacy with
                                       Philip Williams, Esq., who informed him that there has been a
                                       partial decree for the distribution of the funds of John B.
                                       Steenbergen. But Col. Beale's claim is holding things up. He finds
                                       that the debt of the Theological Seminary at Gettysburg has not
                                       all been paid, that the amount still owed to the Seminary is
                                       $360. Asks S.S.S. & family to stay with them when the General Synod
                                       meets in Winchester.
3253.0301       Letter          To Schmucker from Benjamin Kurtz (no signature) discussing
                                       transfer of Lutheran Observer from Book Company to Maryland
                                       Synod and his status as editor. March 1, 1853.
3253.0612       Letter          To Schmucker from Heron Hoxar (in German) announcing
                                       intention to come to Seminary and praising his article
                                       "Elemental Contrast." June(?) 12, 1853.
3254.0311*      Letter          To Schmucker from Jacob Williamson, New Market, Virginia,
                                       March 11, 1854. Mentions some verbal agreements about the
                                       estate some years back involving Williams, Caperton, and Bierne
                                       as well as the Steenbergens.
3254.0318       Letter          To Schmucker from the Rev. Naschold, Chambersburg, Pa.,
                                       March 18, 1854, in German script (no translation).
3254.0811       Letter          To Schmucker from W. McLain, Colonization Rooms,
                                       Washington City, requesting 10 dollar contribution towards
                                        returning 63 slaves to Liberia.
3255.0409       Letter          To Schmucker from Ferdinand Knodel, Secretary, Lutheran Church,
                                        Evansville, Indiana, requesting a pastor. Schmucker's notes for reply
                                        are on the letter. April 9, 1855. In German ‑ translation accompanies.
3255.1104*      Letter          To Schmucker from Jacob Williamson, Hardscrabble,
                                        November 4, 1855. Mentions the amount due from the Steenbergen
                                        Trust Fund is being sent and desires a receipt by return letter. Glad
                                        to hear of an expected spring visit.
3256.0923*      Letter          To Schmucker from Jacob Williamson, Hardscrabble,
                                        September 23, 1856. Mentions his disappointment over failure
                                        of S.S.S. to make the promised visit in May. Talks about the drought. 
                                        Potatoes $1 a bushel, size of hickory nuts. His wife in her 81st year
                                        and feeble. John Meem saw John B. Steenbergen in New York.
                                        He contemplates (J.B.S.) taking his family to England.
3256.1016       Letter          To Schmucker from John Haven requesting an opinion on works of
                                       John Howe and others for publication. Oct. 16, 1856.
3257.0805       Letter          To Schmucker from Rev. Kuntze (in German) requesting a paper on
                                       religious conditions in the U.S.A. for the Evangelische Bund and
                                       inviting him to visit Germany. Aug. 5, 1857.
3258.0408       Letter          To Schmucker from O. Eastman related to business of American
                                       Tract Society and commenting on tension between North and South. 
                                       April 18, 1858.
3258.0907       Letter          To Schmucker from C. F. Schlienz notifying him of the coming of
                                        two students from Switzerland to the Seminary. Sept. 7, 1858.
3259.0328       Letter          To Schmucker from G. H. Brandau of Baltimore, Maryland,
                                        sending him the sum of $65.00 approved by the Seminary brothers
                                        from the Maryland Synod. In German ‑ translation accompanies. 
                                        March 28, 1859.
3259.0429       Letter          To Schmucker from George Peters regarding the views and
                                        excommunication of two pastors.  April 29, 1859.
3259.0711       Letter          To Schmucker from his nephew J. G. Eisenhart of York suggesting
                                        that he consider educating John Patten, an orphan, for the Christian
                                        ministry. July 11, 1859.
3260.1001       Letter           To Schmucker from representatives of West Penna. Synod
                                        requesting publication of a sermon he had preached recently. 
                                        Oct.1, 1860.
3261.0122       Letter           To Schmucker from Absalom Peters acknowledging receipt of
                                        a sermon of Schmucker's, discussing its publication and his own
                                        writing and relationships with New School Presbyterians. 
                                        Jan. 22, 1861.
3261.0226       Letter           To Schmucker from Philip Schaff regarding a correction concerning
                                        Schmucker in Schaff's book, America.   Feb. 26, 1861.
3261.0708       Letter           To Schmucker from August Wedekind requesting copy of
                                        synods' debts to Seminary. July 8, 1861.
3262.0412       Letter            To Schmucker from Francis Wayland agreeing with Schmucker
                                         and stating his own views on developments in the church. 
                                         April 12, 1862
3262.0419       Letter             To Schmucker from Charles Hodge inviting him to be present
                                         for the Semi Centenary anniversary of Princeton Seminary. 
                                         April 19, 1862.
3263.0818       Letter              To Schmucker from Quarter Master General's Office explaining
                                          process in vacating and repairing Seminary building used as
                                          Civil War hospital. August 18, 1863.
3264.0523       Letter              To Schmucker from M. Sheeleigh requesting recommendation
                                          of young, unmarried man to succeed him in his parish and urging
                                          Schmucker to withhold his resignation until assured of a
                                          liberal successor. May 23, 1864.
3265.0503       Letter              To Schmucker from Henry Boynton Smith thanking him
                                          for translation of Luthardt, requesting more such work, asking
                                          for notes on Smith's errors in translation of Hagenback. 
                                          May 3, 1865.
3265.1121       Letter              To Schmucker from J. Cottrell Clarke asking for information about
                                          accuracy of text of a translation of Luther's Commentary on Galatians.
                                          Draft of Schmucker's reply on reverse. Nov. 21, 1865.
3266.1001       Letter              To Schmucker from J. H. C. Schierenbeck asking his opinion on
                                          material he encloses for projected publication designed to secure
                                          victory over Schmucker's theological opponents. Oct. 1, 1866.
3267.0322a      Letter             To Schmucker from Howard Malcom asking for assistance in
                                          preparing a bibliography. March 22, 1867.
3267.0322b      Letter             To Schmucker from Henry Boynton Smith repeating request for
                                          notes on Smith's errors in translating Hagenback. March 22, 1867.
3268.0304       Letter              To Schmucker from Henry N. Pohlman indicating he has referred
                                           his request to Dr. Lintner and urging that proposed new liturgy
                                           not be introduced to General Synod at this time because of
                                           distracted state of the church.   March 4, 1868.
3269.0330       Letter              To Schmucker from Daniel Alexander Payne requesting admission
                                         policies and other administrative practices at Penn.
                                         (Gettysburg) College. March 30, 1869.
3269.0707       Letter              To Schmucker from John Gilbert asking for information about
                                         Luther's language and material from Storr to meet arguments of
                                         Campbellites. July 7, 1869.
3270.1226       Letter              To Schmucker from W. G. Olinger asking if he would accept
                                          a professorship, say that of moral philosophy at Nebraska State
                                          Univ. Schmucker's reply declining is penned at bottom. 
                                          Dec. 26, 1870.
N.D.*              Letter              To Schmucker from Allen (J. J.?). Mentions his indebtedness
                                          to Wm. Steenbergen, his father‑in‑law. Itemized. 
                                          (Copy, written by S.S.S.)
3344.1633       Sermon           "The Mode of Baptism," sermon and two outlines based on
                                           Acts 16:33. No date.
3410.1001       Lecture            "Biblical Geography No. I & No. II," 58 page manuscript. 1826.
3410.2001       Lecture             Questions for theological subjects: Biblical Archeology,
                                            Theology or Doctrine, Moral Theology (in German). No date.
3410.3001       Lecture             "Compend of Biblical History, prepared for the students of
                                            the Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, 1826" and "
                                            Biblical History" questions from Flood to Solomon.
3410.3002       Lecture              Questions and answers on Biblical chronology. No date.
3410.4001       Lecture              "Memoranda of Lectures on Matthew's Gospel. Lecture No. III. 
                                            Chap. II.II‑‑III." No date.
3410.5001       Lecture              "Questions on Biblical Theology of Storr and Flatt and
                                             then Horne." No date.
3410.5002       Lecture              "Lectures on Christian Theology ... The Scriptures" dated
                                             from Aug. 16, 1833 ‑ June 15, 1860.
3420.1001       Lecture              "Sketch of Lectures on Encyclopedia and Methodology,
                                             being left unfinished." Also inserts: "Questions on Theological
                                             Encyclopedia" and "Lectures on Theology as a Science"
                                            (questions). No date.
3420.2001       Lecture              "Course of Instruction in Didactic Theology." 1842,
                                             about 120 pages.
3420.2002       Lecture              "Is natural Depravity seated primarily in the body." 
                                             Feb. 11, 1858.
3420.2003       Lecture              "Questions on the Romish controversy." No date.
3420.2004       Lecture              "Questions on Theology." No date.
3420.2005       Lecture              "Lectures on Selected Topics of Theology," covering:
                                            Atonement, Justification, Dogmatic History of Baptism,
                                            Dogmengeschichte of the Lord's Supper, Final Perseverance,
                                            Slavery, Infant Baptism, Symbolic books of Evangelical
                                            Lutheran Church.
3420.2006       Lecture              "Skeleton of Theological Lecture ... On the Locus de Deo."
                                            Dates from 1834‑1857.
3420.2007       Lecture              "Lecture on the Dogmatic History of the Article, De Deo." 
3420.2008       Lecture              "Dogmatic History of the Trinity" and "Lectures on Dogmatic
                                             History Articles Providence, Theodicee, and Predestination." 
                                             No date.
3420.2009       Lecture              "Lecture on the Doctrine of Creation." 1842.
3420.2010       Lecture              "Lecture on the Locus De Angelis, in connexion [sic]
                                             with Storr." 1858, 1860.
3420.2011       Lecture              "Notes of a Lecture No. 1 in connection with Chapter IX
                                             of Popular Theology, ‑‑ On the Origin of the human family." 
3420.2012       Lecture              "Questions on Theology." No date.
3420.2013       Lecture              "Theology, strictly so called." No date. 70 p.
3420.3001       Lecture              Sketchy notes relating to the Lord's Supper. No date.
3420.3002       Lecture              "Addenda, to the article on the Eucharist in my
                                           American Lutheran Church." No date.
3420.4001       Lecture              "Questions on the Different Forms of Modern Infidelity. 
                                          See Buchanan's Atheism." No date.
3420.4002       Lecture              Notes on "Philosophy of Religion" and list of topics for
                                           system of theology. No date.
3420.5001       Lecture              "Lecture on the eminent Man of God, Dr. Martin Luther." 
                                           No date.
3420.5002       Lecture              A study of Luther; a study of German church history
                                           prior to Luther; and a single inserted page, "Part
                                           Second. The Doctrines of the Lutheran Church." No date.
3430.0001       Lecture              Lecture notes on Intellectual or Mental Philosophy. 
                                           Inserts of questions, scattered notes, and newspaper
                                           clippings on same subject. No date.
3430.0002       Lecture              "(Introductory) Lecture, To be delivered to the Junior
                                            Class, before they begin the review of Mental Philosophy." 
3430.0003       Lecture              "Lecture on the various phenomena of religious experience,
                                             with a particular reference to the narratives of their experience
                                             given by the students." 1828‑1862
3440.0001       Lecture              "Lectures on Homiletics delivered in the Theological Seminary
                                             at Gettysburg, by S. S. Schmucker, 1834."
                                              *Includes one on slavery
3440.0002       Lecture              Newspaper clippings found in "Lectures on Homiletics." 
                                             15 clippings.
3440.0003       Lecture              Some notes on "Introduction" to homiletics.
3440.0004       Lecture              Scattered notes on homiletics on 15 pages.
3440.0005       Lecture              Notes on Homiletics on reverse side of letter from
                                            A. S. Morrow relating to Schmucker as Executor of J. G.
                                            Schmucker, D.D. Letter dated April 7, 1864.
3440.0006       Lecture              Notes on homiletics on reverse side of letter from
                                            William Hallock inviting him to serve as Director on
                                            the anniversary of the American Tract Society. 
                                            April 2, 1853.
3440.0007       Lecture              "Texts assigned to the Seniors for Skeletons." 
                                             No date.
3440.0008       Lecture              "Questions on the Lectures on Homiletics." 
                                             No date.
3440.0009       Lecture              "Exegetical Exercises of 15 ‑ 20 minutes, Speeches
                                              from 6 ‑ 10 minutes, Debates 10 minutes." 
                                              Dates from 1843‑1863.
3440.0010       Lecture              “Lectures on Homiletics” – Handwritten – bound book. 
                                              No date. Signature in book was John W. Kregelo, 
                                              1827 – 1854, who was a student at the Seminary
                                              1852–1853. George Benner of Taneytwon used it
                                              for a day book beginning 1857.
3450.0001       Lecture              "Notes of Lectures on Pastoral Theology. 1842." 1
                                              Inserts: Schmucker's printed pamphlet,
                                              "The Christian Pulpit, The Rightful Guardian of Morals,
                                              in Political No less than Private Life," Notes on Revivals,
                                              on New Measures, newspaper clipping publishing
                                               "By‑Laws & Constitutions for Congregations and
                                              Council  Associations."
3450.0002       Lecture               "Pastoral Theology" (in German). No date.
3460.0001       Lecture               "Notes of Lectures on Practical Theology" (moral theology).
3470.0001       Lecture               On Church Government delivered to the Middler Class
                                              in Theological Seminary in connection with the study of
                                              the Formula of Government and Discipline of General Synod.
                                              Nov. 1840‑1841. 11 pages handwritten--probably S.S.S.'s
                                              hand. With 2 separate pages:
                                           1. Bishop Onderdonk's Arguments for Diocesan Episcopacy,
                                                   Syllogistically arranged.
                                           2. Printed tract of Schmucker dated 1835, Philadelphia,
                                                    with notes on Church Government on back.
3599.0218+      Document           "Geburt und Taut‑Schein." Certificate of birth and
                                               baptism , showing birth Jan. 28, 1799 and
                                               baptism March 7, 1799. Oversize (+)
3518.0812       Document              Letter of recommendation of Schmucker from
                                               York County Academy after his teaching there.
                                               August 12, 1818.
3519.0729+      Document            Certificate of Baccalaureate Degree from the
                                               University of Pennsylvania. July 29, 1819. 
                                               Oversize (+)
3520.0313       Document        Certificate that Schmucker was a student at Princeton Seminary and at own request is dismissed in
  good standing. March 13, 1820.
3520.0531+      Document       License as "Candidaten" (printed in German). May 31, 1820. Oversize.
3521.0212       Document        Document of the Court of Shenandoah County, Virginia, authorizing Schmucker to perform marriages
   in that state. Feb. 12, 1821.
3521.0905+      Document      Ordination Certificate, Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of the States of Maryland and Virginia. 
  Sept. 5, 1821. Oversize
3525.1107+      Document      Document carrying the certification and letter of introduction of Benjamin Kurtz as an agent of the
  General Synod to solicit support in Europe for the projected Seminary. Endorsed by Schmucker. 
  Nov. 7, 1825. Oversize.
3526.0905       Document        Two copies of the printed program for Schmucker's inauguration as professor of "Christian Theology"
                                                   at the Seminary. Sept. 5, 1826.
3546.0000a      Document        "Map of My Route through England and Scotland in 1846."
3546.0000b      Document        Small map depicting Schmucker's journey through Europe in 1846.
3546.0314       Document         Passport issued to Schmucker by Department of State of the U.S. Government. March 14, 1846.
3610.1001       Luth. Church    Formal endorsement of Schmucker's efforts to raise funds for Seminary by Presbyterians of
                                                   Philadelphia. April 11, 1829.
3610.1002       Luth. Church    Testimonial letter from Princeton Seminary supporting Schmucker's efforts to raise funds for Seminary.
   April 28, 1829.
3610.1003       Luth. Church    Testimonials regarding Schmucker's efforts to raise funds for Seminary from several persons at
                                                    Princeton Seminary and New York City. On reverse side brief notes of Schmucker relating to a
                                                    presentation on revivals. April 28 and 29, 1829.
3610.1004       Luth. Church    Testimonial note from John Knox supporting Schmucker's efforts to raise funds for Seminary, with
                                                    several concurring signatures. April 29, 1829.
3610.1005       Luth. Church    Printed testimonials for Schmucker's efforts to raise funds for Gettysburg Seminary. April 28, 29, 1829. 
                                                    Reverse side sermon notes on III John 4. No date.
3610.1006       Luth. Church    General letter endorsing fund‑raising efforts of Rev. Geortner of Virginia for Seminary, by several
                                                    signers in Boston. August 18, 1835.
3610.1007       Luth. Church    Letter to assembly at Old South Church, Boston, from Moses Stuart supporting Schmucker's
    fund ‑ raising efforts for Seminary. June 29, 1836.
3610.1008       Luth. Church    Printed letters of endorsement of Schmucker's efforts to raise funds for Seminary. 1835, 1836.
3610.1009       Luth. Church    Letter to Schmucker from D. W. M'Conaughy responding with endorsement to request for assistance in
                                                   promoting campaign on behalf of Seminary. Nov. 27, 1835.
3610.2001       Luth. Church    Extract from will of Geo. G. Woelpper bequeathing a sum of money to be used to aid ministerial
                                                   students. Reverse side: notes of Schmucker taken on visit to Dr. Quitman in 1826.
3610.2002       Luth. Church    Scraps of notes on call and conversion, items to be taken care of including some student discipline
   matters, class procedure used at Seminary. No dates.
3610.2003       Luth. Church    Fragments, 2 pieces: 1) concerning a legacy given to the Seminary by Mr. Sell of Indiana, some
                                                    recommendations of investment of Seminary funds in U.S. bonds, and mention of a report on the
                                                    condition of the Seminary to the General Synod; 2) begins with the end of an account sheet, continues
                                                    with material concerning S.S.S.'s resignation from the Chair of Didactic Theology and a copy of a public
                                                    announcement of the same, signed by F. W. Conrad, President of the Board of Directors of the
                                                    Seminary.   Photocopies.
3620.0001       Luth. Church    Autograph original of Formula for Government and Discipline of the Evangelical Lutheran Churches
                                                    adopted by the General Synod.
3620.0002       Luth. Church    Extracts from Schmucker's lectures on the history of the General Synod delivered at the Seminary.
3620.0003       Luth. Church    Notes of student George Parson on lectures by Schmucker at Seminary. Includes: Biblical History,
                                                    Systematic Theology, Church Government (which contains account by Schmucker of founding and
                                                    saving of General Synod), Biblical Archeology, Apologetic Theology.
3620.0004       Luth. Church    Letter to Schmucker and other members of the Centenary Committee from Benjamin Kurtz urging
                                                    regular payments to the Book Establishment, especially for printing the Hirtenstimme.
3620.0005       Luth. Church    Report of the Committee on doctrines and usages of the Lutheran Church in the U.S. to the General
                                                   Synod. Schmucker member of committee.
3620.0006       Luth. Church    Definite Synodical Platform, 1855. 7 copies, one containing Schmucker's handwritten order for
    marriage on last three pages.
3620.0007       Luth. Church    "Explanatory Declaration of the General Synod ... on the import of her doctrinal basis" by Schmucker.
     May, 1857.
3620.0008       Luth. Church    Several drafts of resolutions pertaining to a clarifying statement of doctrinal basis and belief of General
                                                    Synod, especially relating to Augsburg Confession. No date.
3620.0009       Luth. Church    "Misrepresentation of the Professor of the Seminary at Gettysburg" by Schmucker (a letter to an
     editor). No date.
3620.0010       Luth. Church    Resolutions written by Schmucker at York in 1823, when he, Dr. George Schmucker, and Rev. John
                                                   Herbst held consultation together there. Sec. Minutes of the Special Conference held at York,
   October 6th and 7th, 1823.
3620.0011       Luth. Church    Proceedings of a special conference held at Greencastle, the 7th, 8th and 9th November 1824, John G.
                                                   Schmucker, presiding, John Herbst, secretary. Handwritten translation, from the original German by D.
   H. (David Henlein) Focht.  (This meeting was preliminary to the organization of the Synod of West
3620.0012       Luth. Church    Circular letter addressed to the United Church of Prussia, prepared in advance of Schmucker's trip to
    Germany in 1846. Signed by S.S. Schmucker, B. Kurtz, H.N. Pohlman, J.G. Morris, and H.I. Schmidt,
    Gettysburg, Nov. 10, 1845. Handwritten note on one copy identifies it as "The much denounced
    circular" from the General Synod to the Lutheran and United Churches of Europe. 
    Printed, German, 4 p. (2 copies)
3630.0001       Luth. Church    "Contracting about General Synod Hymnbook, First Edition‑‑1827." Letter to printer. Nov. 24, 1827.
3630.0002       Luth. Church    "Hymn Book." A notebook with a plan for a hymn book written in it, probably the plan for the first
                                                     hymn book of the General Synod, reflecting the work of Schmucker and the Hymnbook Committee.
3630.0003       Luth. Church    Two letters from publisher D. L. Billmeyer to Schmucker regarding the price and quality of publication
                                                    of General Synod Hymnbook. 1828.
3630.0004       Luth. Church    Letter to Schmucker from L. Johnson regarding making of proofs and plates for hymnbook. 1828.
3630.0005       Luth. Church    Copyright by "Eastern District of Pennsylvania" in name of Schmucker for: "Hymns, selected and
    original, for public and private worship." Published by General Synod. 1828.
3630.0006       Luth. Church    "Memorandum of an Agreement" between Hymnbook Committee and Lutheran Book Company for
                                                     publication and sale of General Synod hymnbooks and catechism.
3630.0007       Luth. Church    Letter to Schmucker from Lucas & Deaver requesting payment of money due on printing of
    hymnbooks. 1841.
3630.0008       Luth. Church    Letter to Schmucker from J. N. Hoffman urging addition of 200 hymns to General Synod hymnbook and
    other changes. 1844.
3630.0009       Luth. Church    Eight articles of agreement relating to establishment of book depositories by Hymnbook Committee.
3630.0010       Luth. Church    Proposed Liturgy of the Evangelical Lutheran General Synod.  Printed document. Reported by
                                                    Sub‑Committee of General Liturgic Committee of General Synod. 1864.
3630.0011       Luth. Church    Letter to Schmucker from Henry I. Schmidt stating his views as chairman of the Committee on the
                                                   liturgy regarding translation of German liturgy for General Synod congregations. 1865.
3630.0012       Luth. Church    Hymn (in German) which may be Schmucker's own composition. Uses first lines of familiar German
                                                    hymns through the hymn. No date.
3640.0001       Luth. Church    "Formula for the Government and Discipline of the Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Maryland and
                                                    Virginia, the original handwritten manuscript of the same." No date.
3640.0002       Luth. Church    "Constitution" for a confederation of denominations with an outline of same. "Milk and Water Plan."
     No date.
3640.0003       Luth. Church    "Resolutions for the Missionary Convention, to be held at Baltimore," calling for plan to raise money
                                                    for mission work (home missions) and for various agencies. No date.
3640.0004       Luth. Church    "Circular of the Executive Committee of the Education Society of the Synod of West Penna." No date.
3640.0005       Luth. Church    Fragment of page outlining discussion of Parents Education Society. Notes "On Parent Education
                                                   Society and conflict about it." The latter reflects Schmucker's views on theological education. On
   reverse of one page a letter to the faculty of Seminary from 14 students requesting a Christmas‑New
   Year holiday.
3710.0001       Misc.                Annotated bibliography covering 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, and also "analysis of dissertation,"
  possibly plan for future publication.
3710.0002       Misc.                Bibliography of books on Theology and Biblical Criticism with lengthy appendix of one book.
3710.0003       Misc.                Bibliography (probably not Schmucker's writing).
3710.0004       Misc.              "Analysis of works" of William Magee, John Leland, John Dick, and Joseph Butler.
3720.0001       Misc.              Lecture notes taken by Schmucker on Samuel Mills' lectures at Princeton on Church Government. 1820.
3720.0002       Misc.              Lecture notes taken by Schmucker on A. Alexander's lectures on Polemics at Princeton. 1820.
3720.0003       Misc.              Lecture notes taken by Schmucker, "Compend of Church Government by Dr. Miller of Princeton." No date.
3730.0001       Misc.              "Prospectus for Publishing a Work on Christian Doctrine, entitled: Elements of Popular Divinity, on the
 basis of the Augsburg Confession, by S. S. Schmucker, D.D."
3730.0002       Misc.             "Register of Names supplied with the Appeal to the American Churches. Dec. 1838." (Approving
                                                Schmucker's plan of Christian union.)
3730.0003       Misc.             Five newspaper clippings concerning Schmucker's book, American Lutheranism Vindicated. 1856.
3730.0004       Misc.             Account book showing income and expenditure in regard to first and second editions of Schmucker's,
                                                Discourse on the Reformation. 1838‑40.
3730.0005       Misc.           "Prospectus by Salmon S. Miles, For Republishing that Popular and Valuable Work, titled: POPULAR

                                  THEOLOGY ... by S. S. Schmucker, D.D." Fifth edition.
3730.0006       Misc.           "Prospectus of the American Lutheran Church, Historically, Doctrinally, and Practically Delineated ... by S. S. Schmucker, D.D."
3740.0001       Misc.           Witnesses of the Unity of the Saviour's Body. Pamphlet containing letters and reviews expressing approval
                                              of Schmucker's, Appeal to the Churches. Containing also Schmucker's, "Proposals by the Author," urging
                                              more support for his unity proposals. 1839.
3740.0002       Misc.           "Overture for Christian Union submitted for the consideration of the Evangelical Denominations, in the

                                  United States." Printed circular letter from Committee on Christian Union of General Synod, including 

                                  Schmucker. Also contains copy of, "The United Apostolic Protestant Confession." No date.
3740.0003       Misc.           "Fraternal Appeal to the Friends of the Evangelical Alliance and of Christian Union Generally." Printed

                                  letter circulated to win support for the Evangelical Alliance. No date.  (Between 1870 and 1873.)
3740.0004       Misc.           Unsigned note to Schmucker. A. R. Wentz suggests that note was given to him at Evangelical Alliance
                                             meeting in London, 1846, and that initials of writer are those of Edward Steane, British Baptist.
3750.0001       Misc.           "Memorial of Professor S. S. Schmucker Relative to binding out Minor Colored Children. Read in the House
                                              of Representatives, March 7, 1839" by Schmucker. Also contains, "An act concerning the Minor Colored
                                              population of this commonwealth." March 2, 1839.
3750.0002       Misc.           Second copy of 3750.0001 (above).
3750.0003       Misc.           "Of Slavery." A set of 15 "Propositions on the subject of Slavery." 1840.
3750.0004       Misc.           Newspaper clipping from the Clarion of Freedom, Indiana, Penna., 1847, with lead article devoted to slavery.
3760.0001       Misc.           Miscellaneous pictures, including Schmucker. (Includes copperplate of engraving of early photo).   
3760.0002       Misc.           Newspaper clipping (in German) with reference to the aged S. S. Schmucker.
3760.0003       Misc.          Two newspaper clippings concerning Schmucker's resignation from his professorship at the Seminary. 1864.
3760.0004       Misc.          Book of clippings on S.S.S. assembled by J. G. Morris, Jan. 20, 1890.
3760.0005       Misc.          Newspaper clipping. A review of S.S.S.'s Psychology, or a New System of Mental Philosophy (2nd ed.).

                                            From the New York Observer (or reprinted from it).  Reviewer: Rev. Dr. Aydcott, President, Woodward 

                                 College, Cincinatti, Ohio, July 14, 1843.
3770.0001       Misc.          List of Lutheran families in Georgetown, D.C., made for Schmucker by John Stull. 1823.
3770.0002       Misc.          List of lecture (?) titles written on paper by Schmucker.
3770.0003       Misc.          Flyleaf inscribed by S.S.S., from a book given to his daughter, Caroline Elizabeth.
3770.0004       Misc.          Taped interview with Miss Elizabeth M. Woods, Gettysburg, great‑granddaughter of S.S.S. June 21, 1979. 
Interviewer: Elaine Matthews, Archives, A. R. Wentz Library. Cassette tape and typed manuscript of
3770.0005       Misc.           Slides of a page in S.S.S.'s Bible, in which a rebel soldier wrote, along with S.S.S.'s notation. Bible is in vault 

                                  with Schmucker library. (2 slides.)
3770.0006       Misc.           Note by Schmucker, Oct. 10, 1863, acknowledging money received from Rev. P. Rizer (?), Wolfgang's 

                                  Church, for repairing Seminary buildings damaged in the battle at Gettysburg.
3770.0007       Misc.           Envelope addressed to Rev. S. Schmucker, postmarked Feb. 18 (illegible) Middletown. Note written on 

                                  outside begins "A classical school for 5 yrs" ‑ partly legible.
3770.0008       Misc.           Printed flyer. Side 1 describes the Gettysburg Gymnasium; issued on behalf of the Trustees by S. S.

                                             Schmucker.  Side 2 names the teachers (Rev. David Jacobs and Mr. M. Jacobs) and details the course of studies. No date.
3780.0001       Misc.           Envelope titled, "Diplomas and Certificates of Licensure and Ordination and Doctorate in Divinity," written in Schmucker's hand.
3780.0002       Misc.           Envelope, "Constitution and Minutes of Am. Prot. Union (Society) with interesting let(ters)." Handwriting may be Schmucker's.
3780.0003       Misc.           Correspondence related to Schmucker collection. Letters indicating gifts of Schmucker material and letters of inquiry.
3780.0004       Misc.           Frederick K. Wentz correspondence file. Generated from 1988 to 1990 in preparing "An Inventory of 

                                  Materials Related to Research in Samuel Simon Schmucker" (April 1990).
                                                                3 parts:   1. Correspondence with repositories;
                                                                                2. Correspondence with Schmucker's descendants;
                                                                                3. General correspondence and notes. (Plus later additions.)
3780.0005       Misc.           Frederick K. Wentz file of copied letters and manuscripts, assembled during research for the Samuel Simon 

                                  Schmucker Inventory (1988‑1990).
3780.0006       Misc.           Photocopies of bookcovers. Books that belonged to S. S. Schmucker, presently located in the Henry H. 

                                  Fowler Collection and Roanoke College Archives, Salem, Virginia. 57 books. From F. K. Wentz.
3780.0007       Misc.           Papers related to the S. S. Schmucker research project:
                                                                 End of Year Report, December 20, 1988, on the Samuel Simon Schmucker Research Project, by
                                                Frederick K. Wentz;
"A Preliminary Inventory of Materials Related to Research on Samuel Simon Schmucker," February 1990, by Frederick K. Wentz, (note to Donald Matthews attached);
Letter from Charles H. Glatfelter to Messers Hedrick, Matthews, and Stuempfle, concerning the S. S. Schmucker initiative, October 2, 1990.
3780.0007a      Misc.          "Samuel Simon Schmucker Research Project Final Report" April 1990, by Frederick K. Wentz.
3780.0008       Misc.           Letter from Paul Henkel to his son, David, Jan. 20, 1820(?). In German. No translation. References to 

                                  Georg Schmucker and his son (S.S.S.?) and to the General Synod. Photocopy of typed copy of letter. 4 l. From F. K. Wentz.
3790.0001       Scrapbook     Scrapbook containing cuttings taken from a bundle of old church papers found among the relics of
S.S.S. given to the Lutheran Historical Society. Clippings presumably were inserted in the book by John G.
Morris. Includes A Safe and Practicable Plan for an Advisory Union among All Evangelical Denominations
(Caption title: "Fraternal Appeal to the Friends of the Evangelical Alliance and of Christian Union
3790.0002+      Scrapbook    Personal scrapbook of S.S.S. Oversize.
Most of the "Oversize" items are kept with the Vault Oversize Documents, located in the box on the shelf in the Vault.
Note: S. S. Schmucker's handwritten reports to the Board of Directors of Gettysburg Seminary are with similar reports of this type in the Seminary Archives.
                See:    Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
                            Lutheran Theological Seminary
                            Report to the Board of Directors
Note 2: Important information was written on the outside of the envelopes
originally used to store the S.S.S. papers. When the papers were transferred to
acid‑free envelopes, this information was photocopied onto acid‑free paper and
placed inside of the new envelopes, with the papers.


Preliminary inventory of photocopied letters an manuscripts collected by Frederick K. Wentz during research for the Samuel Simon Schmucker Inventory in 3780.0005. 
Numbering corresponds to Wentz’s Inventory in “Samuel Simon Schmucker Research Project: Final Report” April 1990.
Non – Local Repositories: locations of originals
1.        Lutheran Archives Center at Philadelphia (Krauth Library)
a.1.1                        Letter from S. S. S. to (unnamed), Feb. 17, 1823, from Newmarket,
                                                Shess. Co. __.
     .2                        Letter, sender and address see unnamed. March 11, 1831 (?), from Carlisle.
     .3                        Letter from S. S. S. to Krauth, Baugher, Jacobs, and Reynolds, March 10,
                                                 1840? (1846?), from Gettysburg.
     .4                        Letter from S. S. S. to (unnamed), Feb. 15, 1848. Co – signed by Krauth
                                                 or else written to Krauth.
     .5                        Letter from S. S. S. to Krauth, April 12, 1848.
     .6                        Letter from S. S. S. to Krauth, Dec. 15, 1848, from Gettysburg.
     .7                        Letter from S. S. S. to Krauth, Sept. 28, 1852, from New York.
     .8                        Letter from C. P. Krauth to S. S. S., May 9, 1853, from Gettysburg.
     .9                        Letter from S. S. S. to Krauth, May 11, 1853, from Gettysburg.
     .10                      Letter to Krauth from S. S. S., Oct. 3, 1862.
     .11                      Letter from C. P. Krauth to S. S. S., Oct. 4, 1862, from Gettysburg.
     .12                      Letter to S. S. S. from C. P. Krauth. No date.
     .13                      Letter from C. P. Krauth to (unnamed). No date.
   2.1                        Letter from H. (?) S. Miller to S. S. S., June 21, 1842, from Trappe (?).
   3.1                        Letter from F. Newton Kurtz to S. S. S., Nov. 8, (1861?), from Baltimore.
b.1.1                        Letter from J. C. W. Jaeger to Dr. Schmucker, April 24, 1821,
                                                 from Philadelphia.
   3.1                        Letter containing historic recollections of the Lutheran Church in
                                                 United States by J. Georg Schmucker, with a note
                                                 identifying it by S. S. S.
   4.1                        Sketch of the Ev. Lutheran church in Frederick Town, MD. 
                                                 By David F. Shaeffer.
     .2                        History of the Lutheran Congregation at Frederick, MD. No author listed.
2.        Lancaster Archives of the Evangelical and Reformed Church (Schaff Library)
a.1                          Letter from S. S. S. to Schaf (sic), Oct. 5, 1846 (?), from Gettysburg
 .2                           Letter from S. S. S. to (unnamed), Nov. 27, 1847, from Gettysburg.
 .3                           Letter from S. S. S. to (unnamed), Sept. 22, 1849, from Theol. Seminary. Co.--
                                                signed by Schaff or else written to Schaff.
 .4                           Letter from S. S. S. to Scaf (sic), Mar. 26, 1851 (?), from Gettysburg.
 .5                           Letter from S. S. S. to Schaff, Sept. 4, 1855, from Gettysburg.
 .6                           Letter from S. S. S. to Schaff, Feb. 5, 1866, from Gettysburg.
b.1                         Newspaper article from the Weekly Messenger of the German Reformed
                                               Church, De. 2, 1846.
3.     Princeton University and Theological Seminary Archives
a. Speer Library
.1                           Letter from S. S. S. to L. Johnson, Feb. 21, 1832, from Gettysburg.
.2                           Letter from S. S. S. to L. Johnson, Feb 15, 1832, from Gettysburg.
.3                           Letter from S. S. S. to L. Johnson, date illegible.
.4                           Letter from Geo. Diehl to B. M. Schmucker, Oct. 30, 1873, from Frederick.
.5                           List of publications of S. S. S.
.6                           Not assigned a number on Wentz’s list: Letter from J. G. Schmucker,
                                               Feb 28, 1833, from York, in German.
b. Firestone Library
.1                           Letter from S. S. S. to Mr. Bartlett, Dec. 28, 1843, from Gettysburg.
4.     Burke Library, Union Theological Seminary, New York
.1                            Letter (two copies) from Philip (?) Schaff to S. S. S., July 2, ??.
.2                            Letter from S. S. S. to Schaff, Dec. 22, 1870, from Gettysburg.
8.     John Hay Library, Brown University
.1                            Letter from A. Wilson (?) to Prof. Elton (?), Oct. 27, 1840, from Bangor.
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Artifacts Collection
Medallion Collection

Communion Set
  • Belonged to Austin Augustus Kelly (1870–1956), Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Virginia

Muslim Prayer Ritual
  • Dates 17th century, In the Central Asian Turkic language (Persian dialect)

Rev. Leopold Caban Pectoral Cross, 1933

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Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia Presidential Cross

Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia Ornament Collection

Various ornaments depicting buildings on LTSP campus accompanied with short histories.
  • Entrance Marker 
  • Gowen Mansion (renamed Gowen Building, Hagan Hall in 1947 and Hagan Center in 1976)
  • The Refectory (2 pieces)
Textiles Collection
Eleanor Geiger Sampler
  • Geiger was Samuel Simon Schmucker's wife
  • Contains her maiden name sewn on the top with a squirrel. There is a border of leaves and vines with a poem stitched in red. It measures 16 x 18 inches.

Rev. Carl C. Rasmussen Sr. Quilt 
  • Contains over 900 names of pastors and laypeople 

United Lutheran Seminary Memorabilia Clothing
  • "Ugly Christmas Sweater" Sweatshirt with Charles Porterfield Krauth and Samuel Simon Schmucker
  • Luther Bowl 2017 T-Shirt (Size medium and large)
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