General Policies

Recalled Books

Any materials checked out from the United Lutheran Seminary Library can be recalled, when a request is made by another borrower or the item is needed for course reserves. Recalled books must be returned within seven days of receiving notice. We do not recall books for courtesy borrowers. Click here if you need to recall a book.

Reserve Books

Books needed for course reading are kept on reserve at both branches. These books are available for 3 hour checkouts. Overnight checkouts are possible a half hour before the library closes for the day. Materials are then due the next day the library is open within two hours of the library opening.

Overdue Books and Fines

  • Overdue fines are $.25 per day per item, with a 24 hour grace period.
  • Overdue fines for course reserves are $.25 per hour per item and there is no grace period.
  • Maximum overdue fines are $10 per book. Lost materials are charged the cost of the book's replacement, plus a processing fee of $10
  • Any fine of any size on one's account makes one ineligible to check out more books. Fines can only be contested to the public services assistants or the library director.
Current Students, Faculty, and Staff
Current Students, Faculty, and Staff
Due dates for current students is the end of the current semester (or the end of summer). For faculty and staff, due dates are the end of the Spring semester. Access to resources from off-campus are only available to current students, faculty, and staff, and emeritus faculty.

Students and faculty from Southeastern Pennsylvania Theological Library Association or Washington Theological Consortium institutions have reciprocal borrowing privileges at the United Lutheran Seminary Library. In order to check out materials, it is necessary to bring both your current student ID and a Direct Borrowing Certification Document from your institution's library. 

Gettysburg College and Mount Saint Mary's University and Seminary 
Students and faculty from these institutions have reciprocal borrowing privileges at the United Lutheran Seminary Library. In order to check out materials, it is necessary to bring both your current student ID and a letter from your institution's library, confirming your current status. 
Courtesy Borrowers & Alumni
Courtesy Borrowers
Courtesy borrowers fall under several categories, listed below. Courtesy borrowers are not eligible for interlibrary loan or cluster request privileges. All courtesy borrowers may check out materials for three weeks at a time. Courtesy borrowers are not granted off-campus access to electronic resources.

ELCA Rostered Leaders
As a thank you to our synod and national church leadership for their significant annual financial support of the seminary, currently rostered ELCA leaders can check out materials freely.

Spouses of current faculty, staff, and students are welcome to borrow materials, freely. 

General public and clergy from other denominations
While the public is invited to visit us any time we are open, general public courtesy borrowers must pay a $50 annual fee in order to check out materials from the library.

Alumni of United Lutheran Seminary or its predecessor seminaries may borrow materials, freely. Alumni are also granted access to ATLASerials for Alum . Please contact the Alumni Relations office for login information.
Distance Delivery
Current students, faculty, emeritus faculty, and staff that live more than 30 miles from Gettysburg or Philadelphia can request books be delivered to their home.

Please fill out this form to make a request.
Interlibrary Loan Policy
There are multiple ways to request ILLs. Click here for an online form or an ILL request can be made directly in WorldCat.

Interlibrary Loans (ILLs) are only available to current students, faculty, emeritus faculty, and staff. Previous employees, graduates, and other courtesy borrowers are ineligible. 

In certain situations, ILLs may be made for books currently checked out. Normally, the library will recall the book from whoever it is currently checked out to rather than request from another library.

Consecutive ILL requests for the same material by the same patron will not be honored. Patrons may ask the library director that a copy be purchased at that point.

The library covers all costs of interlibrary loan requests except for lost or overdue fines from the lending library. These fines must be paid to the ULS library or all library privileges may be turned off.
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