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William Christopher Berkenmeyer Chronicle | Albany Protocol
Cover title: Protocol of Sundry Early Ministers (Falkner [Falckner], Berkenmeyer, Hartwig) and Church Councils of the Churches of Athens, Albany and Other Places, with Other Miscellaneous Documents from A.D. 1731-1750, presented by T Lape.

Alternative Title: Albany Protocol

Alternative Title: William Christopher Berkenmeyer Chronicle of ministry at Albany and Loonenburg and points between, 1731-1750
  • 3 volumes: Original and 2 photostatic copies (all bound)
  • Contains "Records of Christ's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Germantown, Columbia County, New York"
  • Presented to Hartwick Synod by the Evalgenical Lutheran Zion's Church at Athens and transferred to Lutheran Historical Society, Gettysburg, PA in 1845
Alphabetical Listing
Amy Sadtler Albrecht Manuscript for book In Tent and Bungalow
  • with editing by Elsie Singmaster Lewars

Anonymous Notebook with Sermons by Justus Henry Christian Helmuth, Schmidt, Marshall (St. Michael's and Zion's Philadelphia) and various music, patterns for weaving, birth certificate of Johannes Lentz (1827)

Michael Bentz Organ and Choral Manuscript

Biblia Sacra (13th Century)
Samuel H. Buehler Account Book

Stella Brown Nichols Crissman Letters Transcript to Family, 1885-1887

Devotional Treatise (In Italian)

Nellie Blessing Eyster Manuscript Historical Souvenir of Pioneer English Lutheranism in California, 1853-1893 
  • For World's Fair Religious Congress.
Robert Burns Fortenbaugh Manuscript of The Lutheran Church in America and Slavery and notes for study

Harttmann, Theophilus Bound Volumes in German script:
  • Commentary on Genesis
  • Commentary on Exodus
  • Commentary on Leviticus
  • Commentary on the Book of Numbers
  • Commentary on Deuteronomy
  • Commentary on Joshua, Judges and Ruth
  • Commentary on Ruth, Samuel I & II and Kings I & II
  • Commentary on Job
  • Commentary on the Psalms
  • Commentary on Proverbs, Wisdom Literature and Psalms
  • Studies in Joel
  • Prophets, volume 1, Hosea, Joel and Amos - Historical introduction
  • Prophets, volume 2, Hosea, Joel and Amos - Synopsis
  • Commentary on Ezekiel
  • Commentary on the Old Testament in the New Testament
  • Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew
  • Commentary on the Gospel of Luke
  • Commentary on Romans
  • Commentary on Corinthians I
  • Commentary on Corinthians II
  • Commentary on Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians & Thessalonians
  • Commentary on Timothy I & II
  • Commentary on Revelation
  • Geography of Asia and Europe
  • Greek Glossary
  • Hebrew Glossary of Grammar
  • Notations on: Bengel, M. Ernst, A Short and Necessary Illumination of Those Thoughts Which in Dr. Johann August Ernesti's Theological Library, Volume I-X, Occasionally Contradict the Blessed Dr. Johann Albrecht Bengel (Leipzig and Zwickau, Stielern, 1771).
  • Notes on: The New Testament translated by M. Luther, Halle, 1766.
  • Geography (Classical)
  • History of Europe, Chronological Outline, 1-1266 A.D.
  • History, Volume I, 2500 B.C. to 500 B.C.
  • History, Volume II, 500 B.C. to A.D. 1
  • History, Volume III, A.D. 1 to 1519
  • Stein, Christian Gottfried Daniel, Handbuch der Geographie und Statistik... with notes of T. Harttmann in margins.

John Peter Heght Inconsta Articula Theologiae
  • Possibly transcripts of lectures of Helmuth and Schmidt, his teachers, 1803-1807

George Conrad Henry Sermon Notes, 1893

Hill, Francis C. Hill Sketchbook
  • Contains drawings of St. John's Lutheran Church, Charleston, S

Krauth, Charles Philip Krauth Lectures, Moral Philosophy, Winter, 1838
  • Related Collections:
    • Buehler, D. A. Buehler
    • Carl Rudolph Demme 
    • Schmidt, Henry Immanuel Schmidt 
    • Theophilus Stork 

Charles Porterfield Krauth Lectures

Johann Andreas Krug Sermon Outlines, 1764-1780 

Johann Christopher Kunze Diarium Homileticum, 7 volumes
  • 1786
  • 1787-1788
  • 1789
  • 1791-1792
  • 1793-1794
  • 1795-1796
  • 1799-1800

Manifold, John H.C. (1862–1949)
Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania
  • Diary excerpts, 1886, 1888
  • Photographs

Henry Jr. Manken Fortnightly letters from Washington to The Lutheran
  • Related Collections: Ernest Orion Graham (Located in Vertical File Manuscripts Collection)

William Julius Mann Lectures

Herbert Martens Sermons (8 volumes. Index)
  • December 29, 1895-March 21, 1899
  • April 9, 1899-February 21, 1904
  • March 8, 1900-November 24, 1901
  • December 11, 1901-July 12, 1908
  • October 31, 1892-May 15, 1910
  • May 15, 1910-May 18, 1913
  • September 14, 1913-August 7, 1921

Matthaus, Jacob Christian Sermons, 1844-1864

Mosheim, Rhodes Diaries, 2 volumes. August 29, 1894-May 12, 1895, May 14, 1895-December 17, 1896

Mosheim Rhodes Sermons, St. Louis, Mo., January 4, 1885-March 12, 1904.

King Rukassigada Story of the king written on palm fronds, probably 19th century. Written in Telegu language
Jacob Monroe Spangler Hymns of the Common Service Book of the ULCA. Contains background information, biographical and historical data.

Henry G. Stecher Mathematics notebook, 1803 
Paul Zeller Strodach Sources & Notations on the Common Service and Common Order
Jacob Summers Legal vocabulary
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