Private Parish Registers Listing
Here you will find an alphabetical list of bound private parish registers belonging to pastors who served Lutheran churches in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.

Our private registers are stored in closed stacks. Please contact the archivist to set up an appointment to view them.
Alphabetical Listing
Rev. Thomas Charles Billheimer Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and professor at Gettysburg Seminary
  • Private Register, 1867-1923

Rev. James Allen Brown Lutheran clergyman in Maryland and Pennsylvania, professor at Gettysburg Seminary
  • Private Register
    • Baptisms, 1845-1845
    • Funerals, 1846-1850
    • Marriages, 1845-1849

Rev. George A Clark 

Rev. Luther A. Gotwald Jr. 

Rev. Samuel Roth Roch

Rev. Mervyn J. Ross Lutherna clergyman in Pennsylvania
  • Private register

Rev. Jacob M Singer

Rev. Jeremiah Milton Snyder

Rev. John F. Stabley

Rev. Adam Stump Lutheran clergyman in Nebraska and Pennsylvania

Rev. Dr. Louis Ralph Tabor

Pastor E.L. Wessinger Lutheran clergyman in Pennsylvania and Tennessee
  • Private Register, 1893-1967
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