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Free Web Resources: Health and Science

This is a listing of resources that are freely available on the internet.

Health Resources

  • Everyday Health 
    This site provides enlightening articles, recipes, and tools focused on promoting health and wellbeing. 
  • Food Safety News 
    This website provides information about food recalls, outbreaks of foodborne illness, food technology, food policy, and more. This site is updated daily. 
    This is a government website created by the USDA that provides consumer information about food and human nutrition. 
  • PubMed 
    Index of scholarly research in the health sciences, some freely available online. Produced by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, PubMed contains over 14 million citations. 

Science Resources

  • Encyclopedia of Life 
    A fully searchable database of information about all types of life on Earth. 
  • History of the Earth and Universe 
    A site dedicated to the history of our planet and universe. It covers continental drift, geological formations, and vertebrate/invertebrate life. 
  • NOAA Map of the United States 
    Get up-to-the minute information on weather, airports, and much more in every corner of the United States.
  • Science World Report 
    A science news website that provides a survey of articles about a wide range of science topics. 
  • Science.Gov 
    This site provides free access to the databases of several government science agencies and includes research and development results. 
  • The Internet Bird Collection 
    This site provides information, pictures, sound recordings, and video of the birds of the world. You can even upload your own bird recordings to the collection. 
  • The National Science Digital Library 
    A digital library for the Science, Technology, engineering, and Math fields. 
  • The Public Library of Science-PLOS 
    A non-profit publisher and distributor of scientific papers and other science-related information. Everything they publish is open-access with the goal of sharing research. 
  • Why Files: Science Behind the News Archive 
    Produced by the University of Wisconsin- Madison and the National Institute for Science Education with support from the National Science Foundation this website provides an archive of science articles written on a wide range of topics.