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United Lutheran Seminary Writing Center: The Writing Process

The Homepage of the United Lutheran Seminary Writing Center

Much of your writing in seminary will be focused on argumenative, descriptive, and expository essays.

  • Argumentative essays are focused on convincing your reader to agree with your position on a particular topic.
  • Descriptive essays describe an experience or situation (the most common type of descriptive essay you'll write is a verbatim).
  • In an expository essay, you're trying to investigate an idea by evaluting evidence, expounding on the idea, and setting forth an argument concerning that idea. 

The Writing Process

  1. Plan your writing
    • Make a timeline: Set Goals; Monitor your progress
    • Select a topic:
      • Review the assignment! 
      • Brainstorm: what interests you?
      • What is interesting about your topic?
  2. Create an outline
    • Start with your major sub-sections
    • Review the assignment again: do these sub-sections help cover all questions your professor has asked you?
    • Begin your research
      • Make sure you find credible & high quality sources
      • Not everything the library has is of equal quality
      • Make sure you take notes as you read & record citation information
  3. Write a draft
    • Start with writing something down; anything!
      • You will likely throw out much you initially write. This is part of the process.
      • Avoid plagiarism: As you quote others, include some sort of shorthand citation for you to flesh out later
    • Only after most of your first draft is done should you write your introduction & conclusion
  4. Proofread!
    • Ask someone else to read it
    • Complete your footnotes
    • Proofread again!
  5. Hand in your completed project

The Writing Process (animated)

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